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How to Eliminate Your Pain in 5 Sessions or Less, To ​Get Back to Doing the Activities You Love​.

Hi, my name is Armando Cruz.I almost quit physical therapy and now that reason can dramatically benefit you.

​When I started working as a physical therapist in 2005 I did not like the way the health care and insurance system was dictating what therapists were doing and why they were doing it. 

​I observed the wasted hours in paperwork ​therapists had to complete that didn’t help the patient or the therapist. I observed the unfocused treatment therapists were giving that was more of a filler to be able to bill certain codes.

​​I observed that many physical therapists had become complacent taking patients from machine to machine never really putting their hands on their patients. Finally I observed the lack of motivation the system had set up to get the patients better, quicker.

I found this unacceptable.

Before I continue, please understand that I don’t believe that mainstream physical therapists are bad people. On the contrary, like teachers they go into the profession with a heart of service. I don’t believe they have bad intentions, no, it’s just that they have been conditioned to treat patients in an inefficient way because of the system. Most don’t even realize it so they just go with the flow.

My father always taught me that when you don’t like the way things are going, create the change you want. That is exactly what I did. After 3 months of working in a great clinic with phenomenal therapists, I opened my own facility and began serving clients with the attention that I felt they deserved.

My wife, Christian Cruz, a chronic pain exercise physiologist, and I really set out to help our clients in the best way possible. My wife and I immersed ourselves in many continuing education courses that looked at health and rehabilitation from many different perspectives. We realized that there were some really effective approaches but no one had actually combined them to work in synergy to get a more holistic approach to eliminating pain and optimizing health. So we set out to combine and align the science out there and put it under a system that gets lasting results, fast. Over the past 12 years my wife and I have continued to optimize our system to provide the most effective form of care to eliminate chronic pain and instead live pain-free. 


Lifestyle Physical Therapy focuses on getting you back to your pain-free, active lifestyle as quickly as possible using a holistic and comprehensive approach to your pain, your body and your life. This allows us to tackle your pain from the actual cause or causes rather than the symptoms.

As a neurologist I have seen the effects of a back injury on your quality of life. When I threw out my back moving boxes I set up an appointment with Armando. I came in doubled over in pain. Armando not only figured out the cause of my pain he eliminated it within the first 15 minutes of our assessment. Then he took the time to educate me to give me the confidence to move without fear. – Enrique Serano 

Coming from a personal training and strength coaching background, I decided to change the physical therapy model and transform it to more of a personal training model: a 1-to-1 hands-on-treatment that gives you the power to fire your therapist if you weren’t getting the results you wanted.