Amelie’s Omelette Recipe

In this video, Amelie, my 4 year old makes her first 7 egg and spinach omelet. That morning we went to our local organic chicken farmer and picked up some fresh eggs. I taught her how to crack the egg and she mastered it quickly.

The only thing she did not do was flip the omelet. 

If she can do it, so can you. Enjoy.



  • (7) Farm fresh organic eggs
  • (1) Big handful of spinach
  • (2 Tbsp) Coconut oil

Directions:  Place eggs in a bowl. Whisk eggs until they are the desired consistency. Heat up the coconut oil on the skillet on medium.  Add spinach and saute' until wilted. Add the whisked eggs. Cover with a lid for 2-3 minutes. Flip omelet and cook for 1 minute. Remove from heat and let it sit for 2 minutes before you cut and serve. Enjoy.

Monkey Bar Success

Here is a short video of my 5 year old doing the monkey bars for the first time.

Here is what you need to know about this video:

  1. I scream a lot because I am super excited so lower the volume.
  2. Up to this point the furthest he had gone was 2 rungs.
  3. Perhaps it was because the video camera rolling that he was able to go from 2 rungs to all 8 rungs, a 400% improvement. But the moral of the story is, sometimes you need to step on stage to make magic happen.
  4. A good cheering section may help your progress.

Enjoy. Leave a comment. Do you monkey bar?



You Will Fail

Three weeks ago my wife and I had our first parent teacher meeting to go over our son’s progress over the first quarter of the year. 

His teacher Mrs. Johnson commented how dedicated and immersive Mandy was with his lessons. She observed the leadership role he takes with the other students in the class. She expressed how smart he is and then she showed me the progress report.

He had no “A’s” or “B’s” on his progress report.

I was concerned...Then I fell in love

Mandy goes to Coral Reef Montessori School and they don’t use the traditional grading system of A’s, B’s, C’s, D’s, and F's.

They use the following metrics to track a child’s progress: I - Introduced | P - Practicing | IM - Improving | M - Mastery.

When a lesson is first introduced, the student receives an I for Introduced. After the student has been practicing the lesson they get upgraded to P for Practicing. As they improve on the lesson they will be bumped up to IM for Improving. Finally, when they can consistently dominate the lesson in many different forms they are awarded an M for Mastery. This can happen over the course of a year in certain lessons or can happen over the course of 1-2 sessions depending on the child’s proficiency. The brilliance of this system is that it focuses on mastery not just passing a test, very much like life.

Use this approach to have long term success with your health, your goals, and anything in your life you wish to succeed at.

Mastery is defined as, a comprehensive knowledge or skill in a subject or accomplishment. It is a control or superiority over someone or something.

I believe mastery is what we should all be striving for in all facets in our lives. Mastery is a journey and as such will have its ups and downs, as well as it’s wrong turns and obstacles. The wealth of any journey is the experiences that makes it up. In mastery those experiences are enhanced by your failures.

The statement attributed to Apollo Missions director, Gene Kranz, “Failure is not an option,” when taken literally will rob you of mastery if you fear being wrong.

Your mastery mantra should be “Failure is your best option.”

To put it in context Michael Jordan arguably the best basketball players in the world said,

"I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

What would you need to believe, so that failure becomes something you embrace?

How can mastery become your focus instead of weight loss or getting good grades?

Strive to become a master of your life, your health, and your communication by taking one step towards it daily.

When times get tough and obstacles seem to block any possible path towards achieving mastery, remember that every attempt is giving you the experience points needed to level up.


Lucy vs Karen. Who will win?

Lucy started her weight loss journey last week. She lost 2 lbs, but noticed her friend had lost 5 lbs. She also noticed that her friend didn’t do as much exercise as she did. She decided that she would beat her friend by doing double workouts on next week.

Karen started her weight loss journey last week. She was excited because she had been consistent 4 out the 7 days of the week with her training and nutrition plan. She wasn’t perfect but grateful at what she had done. Karen was shocked and excited when she saw she had lost 2 lbs. Her friend had lost 5 lbs and together were so excited. They planned their week to see how they could slowly get their families involved.

These two women above started a weight loss journey at the same time and each lost 2 lbs. Which of these women will likely succeed in the long term?


In fact she has already succeeded. If you dissect their approach you will find their approach was very different. Lucy was looking at all the things that were wrong. She was looking for the injustice of her situation. In Lucy’s world she could only win if someone else lost.

Karen’s approach was one of integrating a lifestyle and an environment that excited her. She was looking for the good in the situation. In her approach, the more people that won, the more success it would mean. Her success was driven by the habits she had control over.

“Your success is directly proportional to the quality of the questions you are asking yourself.”

There is a foretelling line that says, “What you look for is what you find.”

Ask yourself -What am I looking for?

What questions am I asking myself?

A mentor of mine once offered this thought for me to think about:

Your mind cannot not answer a question. So if you are not happy with where you are at, then you need to ask better questions. Said differently, your success is directly proportional to the quality of the questions you are asking yourself.

Which approach would better serve you and your goals long term, Karen’s or Lucy’s approach?



PS – Are you frustrated with your approach to get healthier and more energized? Click here to schedule an exploratory session. I’d love to set a time to talk and give you some clarity.

Hypothermia almost killed me!

Johann and I refill

Barr Camp is about 6 miles up the trail.

August 28th, 2002, my friend Johann and I pull up to the Barr Trail trailhead at 8 am. The temperature is 68 degrees. Our mission today is to run 12 miles up the Barr Trail to reach the top of Pikes Peak, then back down for a total of 24 miles. Pikes Peak is one of Colorado’s 14er’s with an altitude 14,110 feet, which is almost 2.7 miles of elevation.

We slowly chug up the mountain, wearing shorts, a light long sleeve t-shirt and carrying a water bottle. With 3 miles to go, at about 12,000 ft of altitude, the game really changed. The partial air pressure is so low that we can’t seem to get enough oxygen to saturate our lungs. We are hypoxic. The best way to describe the feeling of hypoxia is to quickly run up 5 flights of stairs with your nose pinned together and only breathe out of a straw through your mouth. The air is so thin that trees no longer grow there.

On the 16 Golden Stairs: “Whoever named this section was under severe oxygen deprivation or had a sick sense of humor.”

With 1 mile to go Johann and I were really struggling. We had been running for 2 hours 40 minutes and were searching for the magical 16 Golden Stairs which were supposed to lead us to the top. This is very misleading because there are a lot more than 16 steps. According to the guide books it refers to the amount of switch backs. There are actually 32 switchbacks. I think whoever named this section was under severe oxygen deprivation or had a sick sense of humor. To make matters worse we had run out of water and a storm moved in, dropping the temperature from a cool 68 degrees to cold and windy 31 degrees. It started snowing. This was not good for us sea level, Miami boys.

At this point we were in really bad shape. Our core temperature dropped and we were shaking. We were going into hypothermia. After the final 45 minutes of swtichbacks, high winds, and snow flurries we reached the summit.

What is the moral of this story?

Dress for success. Plan for the unexpected. And above all to get to the top doesn’t take superhuman strength, tremendous leaps, or short cuts, all it takes is the commitment to take one more step.

When you encounter an obstacle, are feeling overwhelmed, or want to give up commit to taking one more step.


PS – There is a restaurant at the top of the mountain. We rested there for about an hour in order to warm up and re-hydrate. It took us almost as long running downhill as it did going up because the decent was so steep.


Johann and I are finished

We made it! We made it back to the trailhead safely but exhausted.

What will they remember?



n eruption of laughter as guys disperse to the baseball diamond. I look to see what all the commotion was about. There he was with a big smile – Coach Cas.

Recently, I found out that former FIU assistant baseball coach passed away in April 2014, after a long battle with prostate cancer.

It made me sad.

I met him once and saw him a handful of times. I didn’t know him at all.
Yet my memories of him are that he made others laugh and his mischievous yet warm smile.

It doesn’t take much to make an impact in people’s lives.

Ask yourself these 3 questions. Live them so the answers become what you’d want.

  1. How will people remember you after meeting you?
  2. What will they remember about you if they observed you?
  3. If someone took a snapshot of you, what will they most likely take a photo of?

These are very powerful questions that have the power to help you create the life and legacy you’d want.

If this seems too overwhelming to think about…Start with a smile. 

A smile is one of your most powerful assets of communication.
It could mean love, happy, surprise, sadness, silliness, mischief, and much more.

Have fun with your smile today.

Smile at 3 random strangers.

They will remember you.



“Courage” – The Poem

Yesterday I shared an excerpt from A Knight’s Tale and it centered around Listening to the whispers around us.

If you have not read yesterday’s email do so now then come back to this. I feel you will get more value from this poem if you have the backstory.



Your spouse is telling you what they want to feel loved. 

Are you listening?

Your body is telling you what food energize you and which food drain you.

Are you listening?

Your kids are telling you how they want to spend time with you.

Are you listening?

Your body is telling you what it feels safe doing and what feels threatening.

Are you listening?

God is sharing his plan for you.

Are you listening?

You know how to live the greatest and grandest version of who you are.

Do you have the courage to listen?

                                                                                            – Armando Cruz

I hope you enjoyed the poem.

For the rest of this week I want you to spend 5 minutes every morning and evening breathing and just listening. Don’t have an agenda. Just listen. You will see your quality of life improve.



PS – We all have 24 hours in a day. You choose the way you spend it.


Are you listening?

Chaucer: Today… today, you find yourselves equals.
[crowd roars]

 Chaucer: For you are all equally blessed. For I have the pride, the privilege, nay, the pleasure of introducing to you to a knight, sired by knights. A knight who can trace his lineage back beyond Charlemagne. I first met him atop a mountain near Jerusalem, praying to God, asking his forgiveness for the Saracen blood spilt by his sword. Next, he amazed me still further in Italy when he saved a fatherless beauty from the would-be ravishing of her dreadful Turkish uncle.
[crowd, boo]

 Chaucer: In Greece he spent a year in silence just to better understand the sound of a whisper. And so without further gilding the lily and with no more ado, I give to you, the seeker of serenity, the protector of Italian virginity, the enforcer of our Lord God, the one, the only, Sir Ulllrrrich von Lichtenstein!
[crowd roars]

This is an excerpt from the classic movie A Knight’s Tale with the late Heath Ledger. Inspiration taken from Geoffrey Chaucer’s “The Knight’s Tale” in his classic work of the Canterbury Tales.

My favorite line in this introduction is when Chaucer says “In Greece he spent a year in silence just to better understand the sound of a whisper.”

The first time I watched the movie, I remember pausing the movie and rewinding it to listen to that line again.

Imagine immersing yourself in silence so that you could grasp the power of a whisper.

Recently my friend Steve shared a video and he said something quite profound. He said, “Things start as a whisper before they become a scream!” He was referring to listening to his body. He had irritated his back and kept pushing it until he was reduced to a hobble.

Think back to Sir Ulrich. Are you listening to the whispers your body is telling? Are you addressing the issues early on or are you pushing it until your body is in full panic mode?

This works for everything in life. Weather, relationships, pain, nutrition, happiness, etc…

Are you listening for that whisper or are you waiting for that scream?

Give yourself 5 minutes every morning and every night to breathe and just listen. Have no agenda just listen.



PS – Stay tuned because tomorrow I will share a special “poem” wrote.

PPS – If you have never seen A Knight’s Tale watch this great clip of the excerpt above. Pure magic! (Watch video clip here)

PPPS– Remember listen for the whispers in your life. 🙂

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