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Alone and Naked in the Woods

Imagine being stranded in the wilderness with nothing but what you have on you.

Would you survive one night?

How about 72 hours?

This weekend I went up to central Florida to go through a basic wilderness survival course. It was so cool because I learned how to make fire by rubbing 2 sticks together and none were matches. I learned how to disinfect and filter water with little to no equipment. I learned how to make shelter with natural materials. Most importantly I learned the mindset of what it takes to survive.

That got me thinking about the what the mindset for creating a living a healthier more fulfilled life. Below you will find the 5 Tenants of Survival with some questions I suggest you consider if you wish to connect with a healthier version of yourself.

5 Tenants of Survival:

5 Tenants of Survival

1) Intense will to live. 

Are you truly living to your potential? Are you creating experiences that enhance your life and the lives around you? Are you willing to overcome obstacles, frustration, and challenges in order to become that best version of yourself?

2) Do no harm.

Are you putting yourself in situations that are jeopardizing your potential for success? Are you harming yourself with the foods, drinks, lifestyle you are currently living?

3) Shelter protection.

What kind of shelter have you set around you to protect you from the neigh sayers, the negative thoughts, and the obstacles you will absolutely encounter?

4) Hydration.

Are you drinking water? Yes that is pretty straight forward as water is a vital nutrient for us to sustain life.

5) Calories.

Where are your calories coming from? Too much or too little? Do your calories energize you? How do they make you feel?

As you read these tenants don’t judge yourself on the answers. Simply use the answers as data.


  • In which areas does the data show you are living in the health you want?
  • What strength does the data reveal that you can build off?
  • How can you use this data to empower you on your journey to living a happier, healthier, more fulfilled life?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on these 5 Tenants and how they apply to your life.



The Dance

I recently watched a breathtaking video of a man and a women dancing on the side of a building while suspended by a rope. 
Their movements were graceful, fun, and inspiring. It got me thinking about perspective.

What is your perspective on health?

Is it serving you so you achieve what you want?

If not, I would encourage to take a look at the video at the end of this short post. The video shows different perspectives of them dancing. Each view makes you feel completely different. The first person view was very intimate and scary. The worms eye view (looking up) felt magical and utterly miraculous.

I did an assessment on a new client. She was frustrated with her weight and hated the way she looked. She tried dieting, she tried exercising, she tried pills and they all worked for a while but when she started plateauing she would get frustrated and stop.

She felt she had a problem with motivation or with commitment. After asking her very specific questions she discovered she had all the motivation and commitment she needed. She realized that her perspective was not serving her.

She began her journey of health and fitness with feelings of poor self-worth and shame. The most important step she took was shifting her perspective to loving herself and realizing that she has always been worthy. With tears in her eyes she confidently said, “Now, I feel like I have the permission to love myself with no one judging me. I am so f*ckin’ worthy.”

“Now, I feel like I have the permission to love myself with no one judging me. I am so f*ckin’ worthy.”

Do you feel overwhelmed, scared, or frustrated with the way you are approaching your health and fitness or the results you are getting?

What would happen if you looked up and changed your perspective so that what you are creating is a magical dance that expresses the very being of what you want to become?

Greatness has always been with you. Give yourself permission to accept and perspective to discover it. Or as my client said, “You’re so f*ckin’ worthy!”

Enjoy the video to see the power of perspective.



This 7 Word Sentence Transforms!

A simple seven word sentence that transformed my relationships.

“Attention is the deep watermark of love.”

The first time I heard this statement I was seated in a dark room with 27 other fathers listening to a gentlemen called Bob Linfors. We had all invested our Saturday to attend a fatherhood retreat to become better fathers.

At the time I just wrote it down because something about that statement really spoke to me.

After reflecting on it I want to share my thoughts on this powerful statement and how it has transformed my relationships.

When I say relationships I am talking about my relationship with myself, my relationship with my spouse and kids, my relationship with food, with exercise, and with fun.

Let’s start by defining the components of this statement.

Attention is the action dealing with or taking special care of something or someone. Attention is something you do, it is a conscious action, one in which you have control over.

Watermark is a faint design made in some paper during manufacture, which is visible when held against the light and typically identifies the maker. A watermark identifies the owner, the maker, the person responsible for the product produced.

Love is an intense feeling of deep affection. To be loved is one of our most primal instincts.

If we reconstruct this statement it could be: “Taking a conscious, specific action to show you care for someone is the greatest sign that you feel a deep affection towards them.”

What do your actions say to your spouse, to your kids? Do they show love? Do they build them up or tear them down?

What do your actions say to you? Do you show yourself love? Do your actions build you up or tear you down?

This can be applied to your health, to your nutrition, to your work, and anything you wish to grow a deeper connection and affection for and with.

“Attention is the deep watermark of love.”

How can this powerful phrase be applied in your life to cultivate rich relationships? Email me. Really interested in your perspective.



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Later Syndrome Strategy

Yesterday I sent out an email regarding “Later Syndrome” and “Tomorrow Takedown”.

Today I wanted to share a simple strategy I found to be useful to break the “Later Syndrome” or the “Tomorrow Takedown”.

I call it the “Finite Focus” countdown timer. 

When my kids asks to play with me, I ask myself, “Does what I am doing now have to be done now?”


Then I let them know how long it will take me to complete. I then set the Finite Focus countdown timer (the oven timer) and tell them when it beeps we can play.

It helps me stay focused on my task so I am more efficient. Regardless whether I am done or not, when that timer beeps I stop and play. My kids look forward to it as do I.

If NO:

I set the timer for 30 minutes, an hour, or however long I want to play with them. I tell him that when the timer beeps daddy has to go back to work.

You can apply a similar strategy with your conversations with yourself to stay present and productive with your time.

Chunk tasks into 20-60 minute blocks. Then take a break for 10-20 minutes. Working in these intervals have been proven to help you become more productive and get more accomplished while leaving you more energized.



I’m a “Later Syndrome” Sufferer

“Daddy can we play Legos?” 
“Daddy can you build something with me?”
“I can’t right now, maybe later.”
“Daddy want to color with me?” 
“Hey Buddy, I’m working right now. Later.”


This is an actual conversation I had with my son.

I started to notice that my conversations were like this daily.

It made me sad.

I realized that what I was doing was not as important as spending time with my kids. I had just become use to the pattern of saying, “later.”

Reflecting, I realize that I have had a similar conversation with myself and so have my clients.

It may sound like this:

“I’ll work out tomorrow.”
Tomorrow comes but I’m too busy. We all have 24 hours but how we choose to prioritize it makes all the difference. Yes, it is a choice.

“I’ll start eating healthy tomorrow.”

Tomorrow comes but I don’t have all the stuff I believe I need to start doing it right. In order to start, does it really need to be perfect?

“I’ll start waking up earlier when I start going to sleep earlier.”

I keep trying to get to bed but I just lay there. I can’t fall asleep.

“I’ll feel good about myself when I lose 21 lbs.”

When I lose 21 lbs, I feel like I need to lose another 13 lbs. Your value is not determined by what you do but who you are. You are worth it, you always were.


When you participate in the “Later Syndrome” or in the “Tomorrow Takedown” the person you are cheating is yourself. You are cheating yourself of a rich, connected present. You are cheating yourself of a magical moment with your kids. You are cheating yourself of regaining control of your actions, of your time, and of your future.

You deserve a present time that is rich, connected, magical, and empowered.

Do you want it?



Caught In the Bathroom!

“Daddy, I need to go to the bathroom,” said Amelie.
“Me too.” replied Mandy.

So I get them in the cart and run across Whole Foods. After a good strong push I hop on the back of the cart and send the cart cruising down the main aisle.  The kids have a smile ear to ear and so do I.
*Yes, now that I am the dad I can do that without being scolded, unless of course my wife is around. 😉
We find the bathroom door and go inside.
The kids go to the bathroom, wash their hands, and now they are staring at the hand dryer with fear in their eyes.
I am not talking about the hand dryers they use to have when I was a kid. The ones that you had to punch the button and it would blow with the same intensity as a hair dryer on the low setting. Your hands still were wet when you finished.
These new hand dryers feel like a wind turbine blasting every water molecule away from your hands. They are also really loud.

So I did what any good dad would do. I inserted my hands under it but I added a dance which invited them to join.
Then I felt awkward.
The kids had long finished drying their hands and were now staring at my display of choreography. I was knocked out of my flow when I noticed that a gentlemen had just come out of the stall and was waiting to use it.

I learned three lessons:

1) An invitation always feels better than a command.
I didn’t tell the kids they had to dry their hands in the scary turbine. I invited them to dance with me under the wind.
2) Being silly in public places puts a smile on your face and those around you.
I was beaming during and after my performance. The guy waiting for me also had a smile. The kids eyes were filled with joy and seem to be saying, “That’s my dad.” At least that is my interpretation and I am sticking to it.
3) Kids learn by example.
Like I said above, I didn’t tell them, I showed them what to do. Now when they see the super hand dryers they do a little jig as well. 
Each experience in your life has something to teach you. The question is are you listening and embracing them?


Car Crashes Into Light Pole

A car cuts you off in the highway and you are headed towards a light pole.

What do you do?

More importantly, where do you look?

A few years back I worked with an Indy race car driver. These athletes have a level of precision driving that seems miraculous.

I asked him how he was able to avoid so many crashes and get so close to the cars at such high speeds?

My client shared a little secret that will completely change your scenario below and transform your life.

Your car is headed towards a light pole. Where do you look? Most of us look at the light pole. We look where we don’t want to go. (A big No-No.)

This is the same pattern that I see many of my clients fall in to when trying to make a change in their health and in their life. They focus on the things that they don’t want.

My client said the secret to avoiding the crash is to look where you want to go. Let me repeat that, You must look where you want to go!

Said differently, “Where your attention goes, your actions follow.”

If you are having trouble making the changes you want in your life, Stop staring at the light pole and focus on where you want to go instead.

Remember, “where your attention goes, your actions follow.”

Happy Wednesday.



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The Master Sculptor

What do David, Venus De Milo, and the Pieta all have in common?


They are 3 of greatest marble sculptures ever created. These masterpieces were trapped inside marble slabs until their sculptor freed them.


What if I told you that you could sculpt something more beautiful, more unique, more important?

Let me share a quick story.

Growing up my parents had instilled in me a strong sense of curiosity. I romanced the thought of becoming a Renaissance Man. A Renaissance Man is defined as polymath or a person whose expertise spans many different subject areas. I drew inspiration from were men like my father, my 10th grade philosophy teacher Dr. Pedro Gonzalez, Aristotle, Leonardo De Vinci, and Benjamin Franklin. 

I worked hard to become the best athlete I could be. I trained daily, I studied anatomy, physiology, I studied what great athletes and coaches were doing so I could be better. I studied French, Latin, German, Greek, Spanish so that I could communicate better. I took advanced courses to push my mind. I studied philosophers like Aristotle, Plato, Kant, Nietzsche, Watts to learn how to think. I was that kid that asked the teacher a “million” questions. 

I kept adding to my “bag of tricks” trying to become Armando, the Man, but something was missing.

This year I went to Thailand for 10 days. I had the opportunity to really reflect and evaluate my life – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Here is one “Ah-ha” moment I had.

We spend much of our lives adding to our lives so that we are “worth it”, so that we become better, so that we can be successful. I believe we were always worth it. I believe that our greatest success lies in showing up as the best version of ourselves at that moment.

When they asked Michelangelo how he was able to sculpt “The David”, he replied, ” I just removed everything that was not David.”

Like Michelangelo, I ask you to start removing everything that is not you, everything that is blocking the best version of you from showing up into this world. Remove everything that is stopping your brilliance, everything stopping your light from shining brightly.

Marble sculpting is subtractive. To get to the masterpiece you must remove rock and dust to see details, to see the real form.

I challenge you to take your chisel and hammer and start removing from your life. Simplify and clarify, and what you have left is the most brilliant, most unique, and most beautiful sculpture of the greatest version of you.

PS – I continue to learn and be curious but they don’t determine my worth. They help magnify my brilliance. Take up your hammer and your chisel and get to work. Make it a great one.

Do you believe?

Would you die for your beliefs?
I know it is a tough question but the answer to this question will change your life.

This Sunday I was in mass and the priest was giving his homily. He asked us this same question. He spoke of the killings of Christians that refused to convert to Islam in the Middle East.

This made me reflect on my faith. In that same scenario, what would would I do? The truth is we have it easy in the US. We are free to practice our faith and mostly anything else we decide. The question is, do we? Do we really cherish and live each moment, live each day to its potential?

Let’s change the focus.

What could you accomplish if you made your decisions as important as the air you breathe?

Hope your lunch was appetizing.

Time to seize the day, one moment at a time.

Happy Tuesday.


Stuck on the Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China can be seen by astronauts from space.
Imagine looking up the 26 foot face of the wall. Then you look left and right only to see the wall slither across the countryside for 5,500 miles.  Your freedom lies on the other side of the wall.
What do you do?
The feeling overwhelm when life keeps piling up and stress weighs you down can feel just as daunting.
Over the past 30 days I took a challenge to make a video everyday to help people overcome any frustrations, obstacles, or questions they had regarding health, mindset, relationships, business, and nutrition.
The 30 days are over and I made 39 videos.
I want to do this for 30 more days and help serve you.
Leave a comment with any frustrations, obstacles, or questions you are having trouble with or want more clarity on.
*I will not use your name and will send you the video when I answer it.
The response to the first 39 videos has been overwhelming. I look forward to helping you on your journey.