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Alone and Naked in the Woods

Imagine being stranded in the wilderness with nothing but what you have on you.

Would you survive one night?

How about 72 hours?

This weekend I went up to central Florida to go through a basic wilderness survival course. It was so cool because I learned how to make fire by rubbing 2 sticks together and none were matches. I learned how to disinfect and filter water with little to no equipment. I learned how to make shelter with natural materials. Most importantly I learned the mindset of what it takes to survive.

That got me thinking about the what the mindset for creating a living a healthier more fulfilled life. Below you will find the 5 Tenants of Survival with some questions I suggest you consider if you wish to connect with a healthier version of yourself.

5 Tenants of Survival:

5 Tenants of Survival

1) Intense will to live. 

Are you truly living to your potential? Are you creating experiences that enhance your life and the lives around you? Are you willing to overcome obstacles, frustration, and challenges in order to become that best version of yourself?

2) Do no harm.

Are you putting yourself in situations that are jeopardizing your potential for success? Are you harming yourself with the foods, drinks, lifestyle you are currently living?

3) Shelter protection.

What kind of shelter have you set around you to protect you from the neigh sayers, the negative thoughts, and the obstacles you will absolutely encounter?

4) Hydration.

Are you drinking water? Yes that is pretty straight forward as water is a vital nutrient for us to sustain life.

5) Calories.

Where are your calories coming from? Too much or too little? Do your calories energize you? How do they make you feel?

As you read these tenants don’t judge yourself on the answers. Simply use the answers as data.


  • In which areas does the data show you are living in the health you want?
  • What strength does the data reveal that you can build off?
  • How can you use this data to empower you on your journey to living a happier, healthier, more fulfilled life?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on these 5 Tenants and how they apply to your life.



2 Nik Wallenda – Skywire Across the Grand Canyon

On Sunday, June 23rd, 2013 Nik Wallenda of the famous flying Wallendas did the unthinkable. He walked on a tight rope, 2 inches thick, the equivalent of 4 football fields or a quarter mile across the Grand Canyon. To put things in perspective as to how high he was, he was walking at an altitude higher than the Empire State building. Oh did I mention that he was not tethered, there were no safety harnesses or nets to catch him if he fell.


Does he possess any superhuman traits?

Leading up to the event they did a bunch of tests that concluded that Nik had a great ability to calm himself under stressful situations, like walking suspended over great heights. They also concluded that he had great balance (I know shocking, huh?). The conclusion of these tests showed him to be superhuman compared to the average person.


Walking on a wire makes you superhuman.

Using the same logic the media used I can make anyone superhuman given enough training. That is just it, normal is the equivalent to a C, which means average. It is what everyone else can do or better yet is willing to do. Here is what they failed to share with the public. Nik has been walking on the high wire since he was 2 years old. Everyone in his family did it. This is what he saw 365 days a year. They never mentioned the countless hours of focused practice Nik puts in on a daily basis to make him the best tight rope walker of our day.

As a physical therapist and movement connoisseur I know that everything Nik did can be trained. You can train your balance to be better. You can train your body to relax under extreme conditions, you can train to walk on a high wire, and you can train your mindset to focus on success. That being said, I am not saying that anyone can walk across the Grand Canyon. There is a reason why he is the first. He is the best. I can guarantee you no one has put in as many hours as he has.

Nik is 34 years old. He started when he was 2, so if you gave a really conservative guess of 1 hour a day every year for 32 years that is a total of 11,680 hours of practice. (By the way, I’m sure he has logged in way more hours than that.)
I know you may be saying to yourself, “There is no way I can do that, my balance is horrible, and I am afraid of heights.”

My question to you is, Do you think this would be and feel different if you started when you were 2 years old?
Let’s say nothing changes as we don’t have the luxury of time travel, yet.

Let’s assume that you are a 43 year old mother of 2 wonderful kids. You have poor flexibility and strength. You are afraid of heights and you’d probably fail the walking the line drunk test absolutely sober because your balance is that bad. (Know anyone like that?)


You could walk across a tight rope.

I know you still think I am crazy.

Let’s put things into perspective. If I worked with you 7 days a week, for 1 month for one hour on your flexibility and balance do you think you’d improve on those two things?

What if you did it for 3 months, do you think you’d improve more?

What if we did this for 1 year and added the techniques of walking on a tight rope that was only 3″ off the ground – do you think you’d get better than you are today at walking on a tight rope?

The answers to all these questions are a resounding, YES!

Why? because you’d work on the skills and habits necessary to improve. While you won’t be traversing the Grand Canyon on the high wire I can bet you’d be better than you are today. Probably walking a good 10 meters or more.


Do I want you to be a tight rope walker?

No. (Unless you want to be.)
My point with this post is 2 fold.

First – I want you to take responsibility for your potential.

I’m tired of hearing people just assume that someone is more talented than they are. Most people don’t think about how much these great performers work. I am not saying that you’d want to walk on a high wire but what do you want to be great at? Are you putting in the time daily to get a little bit better? One of my mentors, Pat Rigsby once told me to focus on being only 1% better each day than the day before. At the end of the year you will have improved 365%. That seems like a lot but if you have the commitment, the dedication, and patience to focus on improving only 1% it will add up.

Second – With enough time and dedication you can accomplish miracles. The question really isn’t can you do it but really it is, are you willing to put in the work necessary to achieve it?

That is why I find it interesting when someone comes to me wanting to lose weight that has gained 50+ pounds over several years and expects it should be off in 1-3 months. Weight loss, like life, is not about a diet or a magic pill that makes everything better. No, it is about developing the healthy habits necessary to enrich your life and do them daily no matter what.

I can guarantee that Nik Wallenda has had many days that he doesn’t feel like training. But I am sure that he does something daily to help him get 1 step closer to his goals. For Nik his decision to skip training literally could mean immediate life and death. What if your decision hinged on life and death, would you change anything?


Tight Rope Walking = Your Life

Tight rope walking is a great metaphor for life. If you look to the right, if you look to the left, if you look down, it can be scary. Too many people get distracted when shooting for their goals. The point of tight rope walking is to safely get to the other side. So look forward, focus on what you want. Be patient and most importantly take 1 step at a time.




PS – Watching Nik Wallenda cross the Grand Canyon was one of the most inspiring things I have ever seen. He is amazing at his art. I want to congratulate him for his success and for helping me see that it is possible to push past our self imposed limits. Like I mentioned above, greatness is not something you achieve from one day to the next. It is only achieved by taking it one step at a time and performing the habits every single day.

PPS – I leave you with this brilliant quote by the great Aristotle:

“Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”

PPPS – If you haven’t watched the video here is a short clip of the death defying spectacle.


YouTube Preview Image




Growth Done Daily

“Finally, beloved, whatever is true,
Whatever is honorable,
Whatever is just,
Whatever is pure,
Whatever is pleasing,
Whatever is commendable if there is any excellence and if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.”

– St. Paul (Philippians 4:8)

What is excellence?

Becoming exceptionally good so as to supersede ordinary standards.

One of my mentors told me to live excellent so there is no doubt in your mind and in the mind of those you serve that you are the best. Not because you know everything but because you know you don’t know everything and you will continue to search unceasingly.

This echos what my father always told me, “Whatever you do make sure you do, do your best.”

Coming from London

This weekend Cruz Country Fitness is hosting the firstIntegrated Performance Coaching Certification to the United States. To conduct this certification we have one of the worlds top coaches from London to coach us and help us serve others with unique skills.
Why is he coming from London?

Because of excellence. When you are excellent people search you out, other feel it, know it, and want it. Dax is the best. I want to learn from and be around the best.

Who is in your Fab 5?

There is a statistic that says, you make the average income of the top 5 people you spend most of your time with. In my experience this not only applies to your income but also to your habits and actions. You become like those who you associate with.
Because of this seminar we are hosting, we have personal trainers, physical therapists, and medical students flying in from around the US to attend. These are not your average professionals. These are professionals that hungry to learn and to serve others. They want excellence.

I am excited about this opportunity because it will help me become a better person, husband, father, trainer, coach.

What about you?

I am sharing this because I want the best for you. I want you to shine and be excellent. I want you to grow daily and become the best version of yourself. I want you to love yourself enough to be your best. I want you to share with the world your talents and gifts.

Who cares what I think?

I can want all these things for you but it means nothing if you don’t want it. Find what drives you and go for it. Be excellent.

An example that may hit home.

I came across this concept in my studies and I wanted to share it with you.

Have you ever considered that the richest place on earth is a cemetery?

“In a cemetery, you will find that there are books that were never written. There are songs that were never sung. There are ideas that were never acted upon–dreams that were long forgotten. If you were to die today, then what ideas and what aspirations would die with you?”

Grow daily and be excellent. Let the world enjoy your talents and contribution. The best place to start is you. Be the truest and best version of you.



1 Pitbull and My Birthday

Brendon Burchard says that when we are dying we ask the questions,

“Did I live? Did I love? Did I matter?”

Today is my 33rd birthday.

I am truly grateful for 33 amazing years (12,045 days) that I have been in this world. As I reflect on my life I realize that longevity is not a mark of a good life. In fact the quality is more important then the quantity. I feel fortunate that I celebrate each day. I try to live each day to the fullest by spending it with the people I love and doing the things that I am passionate about.


My legacy…

I want to leave a legacy that I am a caring, loving husband. I want my kids to know me as their hero, their teacher, their Father. I want my family to remember me for how much I love them. I want society to know me as the father, speaker, coach that helped transform people’s lives and made this world a better place. This is not a wish but something I get one step closer to daily by my actions, my habits.

The day has just begun as I write this and already I have received loving , thoughtful messages from all over the world.

“The relationships we build are one of our greatest assets in this world.”

The people in our life take our lives from alright to amazing. So who are your friends? Who are you building relationships with?


Real Friends & Pitbull make magic.

Relentless dedication to friendship is what I experienced recently on Facebook. You see I have some friends that have a friend Lani that was hospitalized over the weekend with a rare virus. Her health was severely compromised. Lani’s friends wanted to do something for her to uplift and strengthen her spirits as she battles through this tough time. They knew she has fascination with Armando Perez (aka – Pitbull). They decided it would be their mission to get him to call her personally and offer some inspiration.


#PitbullForLani Campaign is born.

None of her friends knew Pitbull personally but they decide to leverage social media to connect with him. They began the #PitbullForLani campaign. They posted pics on facebook, twitter. Not once but what seemed every minute. They had friends do the same. They traveled to Coral Park where he went to school and took pictures with signs the read #PitbullForLani.  Some of the teachers included their students with a message for Pitbull.  After a few days they had done it. In fact Pitbull called her and told her that if he ever needed to track anyone down he knew who to call. Then he made this video below. (I hope he doesn’t take it down – see it while it is still up)


YouTube Preview Image


Who are your friends?

I don’t believe he is a god or the greatest role model. I don’t agree with a lot of things he does and says. But I can tell you that his message to Lani made an impression in my life. Not only that he would call her but that he would take the time to send her this video. I respect him as a man for that. Think about how busy he is, think about when other hear about this. Is he going to do this for everyone that is sick? The truth is it doesn’t matter. He did it for Lani. He cared, he expressed it genuinely.

I was even more moved by the love shown by her friends. They decided that they would do what ever it took to make sure they could get their friend Lani to smile, to feel better, to grow stronger and fight this battle. They have raised the bar, they have set the standard for what it means to be there for your friends. Thank you all for your strength, love, and support.

Would you do this for your friends?

Would they do this for you?


How many gardeners in your life are helping you grow?

Life is like planting seeds in a garden. the more nutrition, support, sunlight you give it the stronger you grow. When you cultivate relationships and build friendships what you are doing is increasing the amount of gardeners that will help you grow into a strong, healthy, and mature plant. I hope you do the same for them. Zig Ziglar said, “You can have anything in your life, if you help enough people get what they want.”

Thank you for your support daily. Thank you for teaching me and enriching my life with your comments, texts, emails, and referrals. Thank you for letting me share my passion with you daily.

Armando Perez (aka – Pitbull) Gracias y un abrazo from a fellow 305 brother, entrepreneur, father, and man. Your generosity and character inspires. Dale!

To the crew that made this possible for Lani I want to echo the words that Armando said in his video, “I want to say to your team, family, friends you are amazing because they can move not a country, not an economy, but the whole world with they way they moved for you Lani.” Thank you again for being amazing.

Finally Lani, my prayers and love go out to you. Fight the good fight and appreciate life’s beauty in each smile, touch, taste smell, and friend. Be strong and know we are pulling for you.

If you are as moved by this story as I was please share it. Spread this example of true friendship and generosity.



PS – Thank you all for the birthday wishes xoxox. 🙂




4 A Love Poem to Our Clients

Valentine’s Day is here.

Christian and I were talking about what we love about having you as our client.

We came up with many things.

We talked about how you get frustrated  and how we get frustrated when you struggles to hit your goals. But also how you persist and the successes you have had when you refuse to quit and stay the course no matter what. These breakthroughs make any roadblock seem petty. Henry Ford said, “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals.”  I am proud of you for being a champion.

We talked about sliders, weight vests, suicides and the fun and crazy workouts you have done. We spoke about the different events we’ve have had and how you have helped our family grow. I think what has brought us the most joy is knowing the special place you hold as one of the members of our Cruz Country family. I know that sounds sappy but we really mean it. You allow us to live our dream of coaching and helping you become the best version of yourself. Like with any relationship it won’t be easy but definitely worth it. We thank you for the opportunity.

Christian was inspired to compose this poem for you. The truth is I have never seen her write a poem. So I am excited that this was the first and it is about you. It speaks to the joy, love, and fulfillment we get by having you in our life. Happy Valentines Day and know that our love extends daily to you.

From the bottom of our hearts.

My Love For You

My love for you each and everyday grows
Which is why I make you do burpees
And remind you of the foods that are foes.

It grows when you cry, whine and pout
Which is why I just smile and say another set
And encourage you to stay on the fitness route

It grows when you get fitter and stronger
Which is why I surprise you with weight vests
And make you do animal exercises longer

It grows when you lunge perfectly til the beep
Which is why I say keep it up and get it done
And remind you of the benefits you will reap.

It grows when you call, text, email, facebook me
Which is why I always comment and like the posts
And write inspirations that I hope you will see.

It grows when we laugh and smile as a family
Which is why I love talk about your fitness success
And await your daily attendance much eagerly.

And most of all it grows because I get to see
Your struggles and fears, goals and triumphs
And get to be part of the love story of thee.

– Christian Cruz

Have a blessed and loving day.


Armando, Christian, & the Cruz Country Team

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