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Amelie’s Omelette Recipe

In this video, Amelie, my 4 year old makes her first 7 egg and spinach omelet. That morning we went to our local organic chicken farmer and picked up some fresh eggs. I taught her how to crack the egg and she mastered it quickly.

The only thing she did not do was flip the omelet. 

If she can do it, so can you. Enjoy.



  • (7) Farm fresh organic eggs
  • (1) Big handful of spinach
  • (2 Tbsp) Coconut oil

Directions:  Place eggs in a bowl. Whisk eggs until they are the desired consistency. Heat up the coconut oil on the skillet on medium.  Add spinach and saute' until wilted. Add the whisked eggs. Cover with a lid for 2-3 minutes. Flip omelet and cook for 1 minute. Remove from heat and let it sit for 2 minutes before you cut and serve. Enjoy.

Courage to Listen

In our fast paced world listening almost seems like a luxury not afforded to us.

Over the next few paragraphs I hope to persuade you that listening is not a luxury but a necessity if you want more energy and abundance.

Think about everything you have ever been told about losing weight and getting fit.

It usually goes like this, “Eat less, move more.” (Sound familiar?)

What if this was all wrong?

What if not doing was actually more effective than doing?

Recently I was doing an assessment on a new client. She was frustrated with the way she looked and felt. She felt completely drained. She wanted to lose 30 lbs. Over the past few years she kept pushing harder but kept falling short and so the vicious cycle of frustration and self doubt continued.

She had signed up online for a 2 week intensive with us but after our assessment I explained to her why this would actually be the worst thing she could do for her health. Instead of leaving it there I created an alternative restorative plan. I wanted her to do it for 2 weeks then return and we would evaluate her progress. After I gave her the plan for the next 2 weeks that included meditation, walking, sunbathing, she instantly looked as if a huge pressure was removed. She finally had permission to listen to what her body had been telling her all along. She radiated with warmth and confidence.


Do you have the courage to listen?

In the above example my client was primarily operating in the sympathetic nervous system. Said differently, her body was operating as if she were surviving a life and death situation, like being chased by a lion. In this mode your body doesn’t digest the food you are eating and extract the nutrients needed, so you lack the energy. Because your body feels it is fighting for it’s life it stores more fat for later to protect itself for this emergency. Her body was not recovering properly. Her ability to create new information and problem solve were greatly reduce. She felt “burned out” which stimulates cravings for sugary and fatty foods that help satisfy the chemical and hormonal needs the body wants in the short term.

What do you do?

Do you push harder or do you take time to listen?

Carving time to listen and implementing what your body is asking for, in spite of conventional “wisdom” takes courage.


Be courageous today. Listen, feel, and grow stronger.

If you feel trapped, frustrated, or burned out and want some direction feel free to contact my team and I at 305-741-0560. We are here to serve, guide, and support you on your journey.






12 Protein Powder Tips

by Christian Cruz
A friend sent me this question recently:

I don’t know that I understand what to look for when buying a protein powder. I’m afraid of getting the kind that will make me gain weight or that are filled with all kinds of “fake” ingredients???? The same for the green powders, suggestions on what to look for?


First of all great question! This is a question we need to ask every time we purchase foods or supplements that are processed. How do you choose? The following are my tips for choosing:

1)   First know why you are looking to supplement with this. Are you deficient in something or do you have trouble digesting foods? Are you vegan or have a limited diet because of allergies? Do you have some other health condition? Do you just want something convenient? Are you trying to build muscle, lose weight or just replenish after a workout?


2)   Whenever you put something in your mouth, try to find an organic version/source. If is it not certified organic, then it most likely has toxins, GMO’s, pesticides, herbicides, etc that will poison your body and make it difficult to lose weight and prevent disease. (Your fat may actually be saving your life, more on this later)


3)   If at all possible get your nutrients from food. If you can eat meat, fish, chicken, eggs, nuts, sprouts, green veggies, legumes, dairy etc, you are better off consuming the food. If for some reason you can not or will not and need protein, there are many supplement sources: whey, egg, pea, rice, hemp, casein, soy, artichoke, or some combination of these and perhaps others. If you want to avoid one of these sources, then you know not to use a supplement that has it listed as an ingredient.


4)   If you have no preference, whey is known in the fitness and nutrition profession as the gold standard of protein supplement post workout because the body absorbs it best to repair and grow muscle immediately post workout. Casein is used before bedtime to promote muscle growth because it is slower releasing. Whey and Casein are the two proteins that make up milk and anything that comes from milk unless it specifically says it is free of it or if is an ingredient in of itself. As with any dairy (milk) products, opt for 100% grass-fed and organic is possible. The next best is grass-fed and next is organic. You can also just drink whole unpasteurized or low-heat pasteurized, unhomogenized milk from grass-fed cows instead of searching for a powder and studies show that it is a great muscle recovery drink.


5)   If you are not favoring dairy then eggs may be a good choice for you as a whole egg is a highly nutritious complete protein and has good essential fats. Opt for eggs that come from pastured hens and are not fed rancid sources of omega 3’s and 6’s. (if they advertise that they are vegetarian, they are probably not the best, chickens are not supposed to be vegetarian). You can just eat and egg or toss it raw into your smoothie and blend if it is high quality or you can get an egg protein powder.


6)   If you are vegan or are allergic to dairy and eggs then soy is probably the next best source of protein. A word of caution, however, soy is a highly controversial topic in the health profession especially since most sources of soy are genetically modified and most soy is not digested well by humans. If you do like soy opt for organic only and make sure it is fermented or sprouted to ease digestion.


7)   Want a less controversial protein source? Check out hemp, rice, pea, artichoke or some combination of these. All are gluten-free too but rice is a grain so paleo diet eaters may not want this. Either way, again if you choose any of these go for an organic version. The taste of these and your body’s absorption/digestion is something that you may have to experiment with these types of protein.


8)   Once you know what source of protein you want, then you have to look at other ingredients. Avoid if possible any fake sugars or any sugars at all. If it must have a sweetener opt for stevia.


9)   Try to avoid flavorings. It is better to add some raw cacao or vanilla bean to your smoothie or other food that to have it already included in your powder. Flavors mean chemicals which is not healthy and fit.


10)   The rest is usually vitamins, minerals, perhaps fats, carbs and junk. The less of these the better. Wait you thought vitamins and minerals were good? They are but they are better consumed from whole food sources than powders and pills. So, if your protein powder has spinach as an ingredient that would be better than iron, calcium, vitamin K, chlorophyll, etc listed as separate ingredients. Better yet, get a protein powder with less ingredients and throw in some spinach in the blender, you probably won’t even taste it!


11)   In terms of green powders, look for those that list whole foods preferably as ingredients rather than extracted vitamins and minerals.


12)   Personally, I don’t do powders anymore but rather eat some chicken with a salad, a veggie omelet, an apple with almond butter, artichoke with olive oil and lemon juice, or hummus and carrots as my post workout, refuel and repair my muscles fuel.


Hope this helps to clarify, let me know your thoughts and any input you may have is welcome. Be healthy and fit!



Healthy Pasta Made Easy

I wanted to share this simple recipe with you today and how the principles used to prepare this healthy meal can help in other areas of your life.

First let me make your mouth water with this delicious recipe.




1 – Carrot

1 – Zucchini

1/2 – Lemon (juice)

Olive Oil



Sea Salt

Red Pepper Flakes



Take your knife and cut off the ends of the carrot and zucchini. Then take your Zyliss julienne peeler and peel the carrot and the zucchini on the cutting board until you can’t any more. Place the shredded veggies on a plate, then drizzle olive oil over the top and mix it. Then squeeze some lemon juice over it and add the condiments and herbs to taste. Mix it up and eat.





On Saturday I was really craving pasta when I was home. I really enjoy a nice bowl of linguini or angel hair pasta with freshly made marinara or lemon and olive oil though I rarely eat it. I looked inside my fridge and I saw I had some linguini that I could make. But I also saw I had lots of zucchinis and carrots. So I got a bit creative and shredded the carrots and zucchini into pasta and added the olive oil, lemon, oregano.

*Side Note: You can make most things taste more “Italian” by adding more oregano. I know that in different regions of Italy they cook different but it fulfills a certain smell and taste I expect from “Italian”.


So what is significant about this?

Be creative.

Forget what your parents said about not playing with your food.

Please play all you want. Explore different possibilities. The more you play with food and understand its texture, taste, and combinations, the more time you invest in it. The more time you invest, the more committed you are to making it work. I hope you see that this can be applied to all areas in your life.


Commitment through play.

Imagine if you were to apply the principles of play and commitment to exercise?

We do it with our kids all the time. They love it because it is play. Don’t be so serious all the time when exercising. Explore different movements, tools, environments, and activities. Let them lead some exercise workouts. They will be empowered, it will become part of their habits, and you will find yourself doing things that may resemble a good game of twister. Good fun indeed.

What if you applied it to your relationships?

Christian and I are not a diligent as I would love at exploring and playing with different activities but acro-yoga has helped is put this principle into action. We have a fun time together, moving and physically connecting. It has helped us communicate better and just enjoy each others company better.

Remember creativity and play, can be trained. Put in the time and reap the benefits.


The big three.

1.   Enjoy the recipe above.

2.   Play with your food.

3.   Commit to exploring and growing your commitment.












2 Fasting – Is it for you?


People have been fasting from the beginning of time but is it right for you?


My Beliefs

My belief is that most people can receive benefits from some type of fasting. There are so many different types of fasting and cleanses.

Different religions have been fasting for centuries to achieve a deeper connection to God and to offer a sacrifice of the material, your food and your desires in order to make you stronger. I believe this has so many great applications but that is not what I want to focus on.

What I focus on is juice fasting for several reasons.

1st –  It gives your body time to heal.

2nd – It gives your body the nutrients to heal.

3rd – It maintains your energy levels to function vibrantly. Meaning you can still do what you need to do while getting the benefits of fasting.

4th – Anyone can do this. You don’t have to belong to any religion. You just have to decide to do it, then take action. That being said, when combined with your faith, fasting can be very powerful. (That is a different post all together).

My goal for teaching about fasting is to help improve your health.

I want to share with you 5 reasons fasting can help you live a more fulfilled life.


5 Reasons for Fasting for Fulfillment


When you fast you give your body an opportunity to do some “spring cleaning”.  Because you are not really eating solid foods you allow your gut to rest from digesting solids. The benefits are that it will start removing impurities, cleaning any back up occurring, and help flush your system. When you clean out and detoxify your system your body functions more efficiently and is able to support you and keep you healthy.


Cravings run rampant. The reason is because many of our foods are processed and lacking nutrients. Cravings are your body’s way of telling you that something is missing and it is not a deficiency of more Oreo cookies. By fasting you eliminate the sugars and processed foods that cause cravings.


Your skin is your biggest organ. It also a great indicator of your internal health. When you skin breaks out, is dull, or non resilient, these are all signs that your body is not operating optimally. Fasting creates an internal environment that is clean and supports your body’s immune function to help you glow from the inside out.


Energy is a function of the food you eat and how well your body can metabolize and utilize it. Fasting allows your body to break down your food more efficiently. This allows you to get the benefit of the clean nutritious foods you will be eating.


One of life’s keys to fulfillment is to have control. Fasting creates an opportunity to take control of your health and cravings. You make conscious decisions to eat delicious health live foods, while overcoming any cravings. This control over your health will trickle over to other areas in your life.


Bigger Picture

Fasting is so beneficial on so many levels but it is only one piece of the puzzle. After you fast you need to support your body with proper foods, activities, and supplements to ensure you grow healthier and stronger. For continuous lasting health there are other steps you must have as part of your lifestyle.

That is why weight loss doesn’t excite me. It is one dimensional. As a result it ends up being a perpetuating vicious cycle disappointment for most people. Fasting allows you to kick start your body’s natural weight loss moderating system but you need more if you want to sustain it.

On our Transformation program we believe that it is imperative to have the 5 pillars in order to activate your body’s natural healing powers and supercharging your body transformation potential.

Pillar   I.   Fasting

Pillar   II.  Clean Eating

Pillar   III. Daily Exercise

Pillar   IV.  Charity & Thankfulness

Pillar   V.  Meditation & Education

We utilize these five pillars to create a life of fulfillment that you are excited about and that lasts. My suggestion is before starting any fasting program speak to a qualified coach that has a plan to help progress you to your ideal life. I also recommend if you are going to fast make sure it is a juice fast that uses real organic fruits and veggies.

There are plenty of companies that sell shakes and supplements that claim cleanse your system. The point of cleansing through fasting is to eliminate chemicals and toxins from your body not add more into it. Clean eating of organic whole foods is the way to go.

[If you are interested in really making a lasting change, a transformation, that improves the health of your body, mind, and spirit then click here to register for our Team-up to Transform Challenge that starts on Saturday.]



PS – Do you have any questions or concerns about fasting? Have you tried it before?

PPS – Don’t forget we teach you how to fast properly for optimal health during our Transformation Challenge (More info here).



Bacon, Coconut Water & Dates

After lots of talk about my experience running the 6 hour race (See “Inspired to Insanity” or “6 Lessons from a 6 Hour Race”) I had some questions as to what I ate and drank for 6 hours.

This is an interesting question and I battled over what I should consume because I don’t like most sports products. I feel they are just too processed. I set out to find what in nature would work. Below I have what I used. On future race I will continue to experiment with real foods.

Pre-Race Meal

*   4:00 am – 2 eggs and 1 banana
*   4:00-6:00 am – 1 liter of coconut water

The race began at 6 am.

Throughout the race I consumed the following:

*   5 liters of coconut water with an added pinch of sea salt for every 10 oz
*   1 date with almond butter
*   5 strips of Grass fed free range bacon strips

That is it.

The best was the bacon. By the way this was my wife’s suggestion in her infinite wisdom. The salt and the fat I think helped give me my second wind and break out of the funk I was in. The date with almond butter also added good fats and real sugars. It was hard to consume because it got stuck on the roof of my mouth making my breathing more labored. That was fine considering I wasn’t running that fast. Not sure if I could do that in a marathon. Finally the coconut water is key. I like it better than any Gatorade, Powerade, or other sports drink. It is not too sweet, natural, minimally processed, and no sugar or chemicals added.

Do you have any suggestions for me to try?

Criteria I use to decide what I use for fuel.

Is it in or close to its natural state?

Is it food?

Any added chemicals?

Is it portable/easy to carry?

I look forward to your feedback and suggestions.