7 Different Styles of Massage to Help You Heal and Feel Amazing.



This type of massage focuses on easing minor aches and pains, reducing stress, increasing circulation, improving flexibility, and achieving an overall sense of well being. The massage session generally uses firm but gentle pressure with kneading, compression, scented oils/lotions, and long, gliding strokes.


A type of massage that focuses on relieving pain and discomfort, reducing tension, improving flexibility, and increasing circulation. The massage uses a deeper pressure and will target problem areas, tight muscles, or trigger points. This type of massage is ideal for when the body is feeling tight, sore, and run down.


An in-depth assessment is given to determine muscle inhibitions, fascial restrictions, and muscular imbalances that result in chronic conditions, pain, dysfunction, or decreased athletic performance. Several of the most effective corrective techniques are utilized in each session. Techniques may include, but are not limited to: Gait & Physical Assessment, Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT), Muscle Firing Patterns and Myofascial Release. A series of sessions are recommended to achieve the full benefits. Please wear shorts.


This is actually a form of deep tissue massage that is applied to the individual muscles. However, the main purpose of the massage techniques involved here is to increase the blood and lymphatic flow, while reducing the pain and release pressure trapped on the nerves. It is used to locate and release spasms and contractions in the tissues; eliminate trigger points that cause referred pain; restore flexibility to the tissues and rebuild the strength of injured tissues.


Sports Massage is a special form of massage used before, during, and after athletic events. The purpose of the massage is to prepare the athlete for peak performance, drain away fatigue, relieve swelling, reduce muscle tension, promote flexibility, and to prevent injuries. Athletes have discovered that specially designed massage improves their endurance, and prepares them to compete at their absolute best. Though it is highly considered in the field of sports it is becoming more popular at all genders and ages and as performances continue to improve with the growth of physical fitness and awareness, more is expected and demanded from athletes of all ages and gender.


A combination of massages that can involve two or more therapies specifically targeted for the client’s specific needs. Highly popular among experienced clients. Each person responds differently to massage and there isn’t just one style which is best for all. This is where the professional experience of the therapist is best used. The therapist’s ability to understand the needs of the client and deliver the desired results.


A specially designed soothing massage for the expectant mother. The focus is on relaxing and comforting the lower back and legs to improve circulation. It eases the aches and pains associated with the additional weight, reduces stress, reduces swelling by increasing blood and lymph circulation, and it can also ease labor pain. The therapist works with women at all stages of pregnancy, from the first few months of pregnancy all the way through the postpartum months.

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