Armando Cruz, MSPT, CSCS, ATC

Armando-Cruz-Headshot-frameArmando Cruz is a Lifestyle Physical Therapist and Body Transformation Coach. Armando was born and raised in Miami, FL. He attended Florida International University (FIU) and has a bachelors degree in Exercise and Sports Science with a focus on Athletic Training. He pursued his education further at FIU and received a masters in physical therapy with a focus on orthopedic overuse injuries. Since 2001 Armando had been helping to train and condition collegiate and high school athletes. During that time he realized that while he loved training athletes he now wanted to focus on sharing the gift of health and fitness with families. In 2005 Armando created Cruz Country Fitness & Physical Therapy to help achieve his mission of helping families live happier and healthier lives through exercise, nutrition, education and mindset. The primary focus was help those people that were injured or had a pre-existing condition and get them in the best shape possible. Because of Armando’s vision to help as many people as possible, in 2009 he started what is known as the Miami Fit Body Boot Camp to capitalize on the energy and power of groups. He has developed a boot camp training system that empowers hundreds of people to live healthier lives.Armando has established himself as a leader in both the physical therapy industry and the fitness industry. He has established himself as the trainer to the trainers. He continually teaches continuing education credits as a consultant for Equinox gyms in Miami. He has spoken at fitness business seminars to help trainers run their business more effectively and provide their clients with quality service. He has also spoken at physical therapy seminars to help private practice owners grow their business with excellent service that focuses on faster results and bonding with their patients.Armando is serious about being an example through his actions. He has adopted a holistic lifestyle approach that he shares with his family, friends, clients, and when he speaks at seminars. Armando believes that your actions do speak louder than words and embraces that daily.Armando along with his wife Christian have two beautiful children Mandy and Amelie. Their kids love spinach and exercise daily.


  • Certified & Licensed Physical Therapist
  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
  • Masters in Physical Therapy
  • Bachelors in Exercise in Sports Science with a Focus in Athletic Training
  • Running Technique Specialist
  • Creator of the Run Faster & Injury Free System
  • Marathon Coach

Christian Cruz, MS,

Christian-CruzWith over 13 years of experience as a chronic pain exercise physiologist, Christian Cruz, MS, CEP has created From Suffering to Unstoppable, a unique and comprehensive system that helps chronic pain sufferers interrupt their pain patterns and achieve a higher level of healing, functionality and living. Her system specializes in helping clients release tightness, realign posture, reactivate muscles and re-educate movement mechanics. She takes clients who are currently experiencing pain and works to reduce or eliminate it and creates a customized program to reach their goals of muscle toning, increased strength, flexibility and movement efficiency and improved overall health and fitness. Christian’s holistic and natural approach of treating the whole person leads to faster and longer lasting results. She loves to coach and mentor her clients to inspire them to higher living.

Christian and her husband co-created Cruz Country Fitness and Physical Therapy’s Group Experience, a group health and fitness training program that focuses on safety, support, collaboration and pain-free results. The Group Experience uses an undulating periodization model of training, which allows for maximum results and minimum risk of injury. Each person is assessed for movement mechanics, pain, injuries and current limitations before joining so that the instructors may personally adapt any exercises or training sessions to best benefit each individual’s goals and reduce risk of injury or pain. Each training phase is carefully designed by a team of exercise physiologists and a physical therapist to ensure maximum results with minimum risk.

As a way to further live out her mission of helping pain sufferers overcome pain and live their lives more fully, Christian has created the Unstoppable You: Overcoming Pain series. Pain sufferers can register for these space-limited 2-hour workshops, which are hosted at Cruz Country Fitness and Physical Therapy once per month, by calling 305-741-0560.

Albert Pelaez, MS, NCSF

Albert-Palaez1Albert Pelaez wants to help you reach your fitness goals! He has worked in a variety of fields within the fitness world, with people of all ages. Albert has been passionate about anything related to fitness since he was a kid, but became even more curious about what fitness really meant to him while running Cross Country and Track and Field for Florida International University.

Albert received his Bachelor’s in Physical Education in 2010 and received his Master’s in Sports and Fitness in 2011, both at Florida International University. In the meantime, Albert worked for CrossFit Threshold for some time and later worked with the U.S. Soccer Development Program at Weston F.C. where he took part in different aspects of training athletes. While working in those sub fields, he gained valuable experiences that lead him to become a well-respected professor at Miami Dade College where he now teaches Health and Wellness classes. He is also presently pursuing his Doctorate in Education with a specialization in Exercise Science and has ultimately become a personal trainer with Cruz Country Fitness because of its holistic approach to improving people’s lives.

Albert continues to compete in open road races ranging from the 5k to the half marathon and is always open to talking about anything related to running and more importantly, fitness.

Adoremarie “Lily” Martinez, ATC, CPT


Adormarie Martinez was born and raised in Puerto Rico. She has been an avid cyclist since 2004, competing and representing the national Puertorican cycling team locally, and internationally.

She is very passionately about fitness, health and wellness having struggled with her weight for many years. Because of her athletic background she wanted to learn more about the human body which led her to Lees McRae College where she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Athletic Training in 2011, and later acquired her Certified Personal Trainer Certification in 2015. She worked as an Athletic Trainer for Belmont Abbey College in NC where she managed the treatment, rehab and progress of the many sports teams like men’s soccer, women’s lacrosse, softball and women’s basketball. In addition, She obtained gym experience ranging from one on one personal training, group personal training and performance focused personal training in North Carolina and Miami.

Scott Stewart, LMT

As a Massage Therapist, Scott Stewart is passionate about sharing the benefits of massage with everyone who desires total well being. The Michigan native, who has been massaging since 2002, has developed his skills thru more then 4,500 hours of training. He has worked on professional football players both defense and offensive lineman as well as being a neuro-muscular therapist for Marriott for seven years. Through continuing education he has also worked with International Management Group and worked with Perfect Competition to help athletes build and enhance their bodies in preparation for the NFL combine and NFL veterans for their season. He has worked with clients that vary in age as young as 12 years old to senior citizens. Everyone that he works with gets a different massage session and no one massage is ever the same.   He is not the best because of the famous people he massages, but the thousands of bodies he has touched to gain experience in actively making changes to their body. The result is happy clients with less pain that can go back to doing what they love best.