Corrective Neuro-Muscular Stretching

Corrective Stretching is holistic, natural, non-invasive, and has no negative side-effects. People who want to avoid medication and surgery and want to feel, look and function better would benefit from corrective stretching and muscle activation.

Why would you need corrective neuro-muscular stretching?

  • Pain (back pain, sciatica, knee pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, muscle pain) (things that lead to pain are tightness, hyper mobility, laxity, lack of muscle activation, poor posture, misalignment, injury)
  • Misalignment and improper posture (perhaps you sit too long or you slump over or stand on one side more and carry things on one side more which lead to misalignment or improper posture)
  • Lack of flexibility (you just can’t touch your toes)
  • Improper muscle activation (tightness in one muscle or side may prevent your muscles fibers from firing properly thus limiting your strength, power, speed and range of motion)
  • Lack of dynamic flexibility (you may have static flexibility such as being able to reach your toes but lack the ability to execute a squat or other movement with proper form)
  • Exercise and performance prep (is it better to stretch before or after exercise—it depends on your needs. Some people need to stretch before for better performance)
  • Exercise and stress recovery/relief (Same and next day recovery by improving blood flow, decreasing pain, soreness and increasing range of motion)
  • Learn to identify, isolate and activate muscles and learn to activate muscles in unison to improve functionality and performance.
  • Learn proper form coupled with proper muscle activation to maximize your efforts and get faster results with decreased risks for injury.
  • Learn to move properly despite injuries (what to do and not do)

What to expect on your first session:

  • Discuss issues, history, current health and fitness practices and concerns and goals.
  • Identify areas of pain or injury.
  • Assess static flexibility, movement patterns, posture, alignment and muscle activation.
  • Creation of exercise/stretching prescription.

*Note: This is not necessarily a weight loss plan; however, you may lose unwanted fat as a result of better movement, increased energy, reduced stress, better sleep, increased strength and function and improved mental state.


Eliminate that pain, move better, and feel great.

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