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post-it-note-2Here is a brief summary of the Team-up to Transform Challenge. If you haven’t done so watch the video to get all the special instructions and information.

What is the Team-Up to Transform Challenge?

The Team-up to Transform Challenge takes 2 of our most successful programs, “The Cleanse & Renewal Program” and the “6 Week Body Transformation Contest” and combines the best of each of them. The other thing we have done is added a team component to help with accountability, better results, and more fun. Finally this program is going to have a special Game Show Fitness component never been done before (at least to my knowledge). The idea being, better learning of the nutritional, exercise and lifestyle principles we teach to help you succeed as well as physical challenges to spice things up. It will point based so the team with the most point points wins a special prize at the end of the program.

This new program has me really excited but before I get any further I want to clarify who this is not for.


This is not for you if…

[list type=”7″]
  • You are looking for a magic pill.
  • You are not willing to sacrifice certain foods maybe a little sleep.
  • You are not willing to sweat and commit on a daily basis.
  • You are not willing to work hard and take responsibility for your actions.


We are looking to help you create a fun lifestyle where you look and feel great. We will only be accepting those clients committed to getting results by taking daily action burn fat off their abs, hips, thighs, and arms. We want clients hungry to succeed and get in great shape. We do that with the help of our 5 Pillars To Activating Your Body’s Natural Healing and Transformation Potential.


pillars of success

5 Pillars To Activating Your Body’s Natural Healing and Transformation Potential

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  • PILLAR 1: Daily Exercise
  • PILLAR 2: Eat Clean Daily
  • PILLAR 3: Educate & Meditate
  • PILLAR 4: Charity & Thankfulness
  • PILLAR 5: Fasting


The 5 Pillars is your foundation for success!

The key is practicing each of these pillars daily. We want them to become part of your daily ritual. If you follow them daily you create your own success. As we mentioned before this not some fad diet or exercise program. This is essentially bringing your lifestyle and mindset from the darkness to the light.


YES keep readingIf this makes sense to you keep reading…

If you are still reading and are committed to learn more now is the time to take the next step. Sign up below.  Let me assure you that if you do commit to making yourself better, you will not have any regrets. Studies reveal that most people’s regrets are over things not done. When you look back on your life you will recall with great clarity all the opportunities you missed or adventures you never took. Don’t let this life changing program be one of those times.


Here is what you get when you sign-up:

greenarrow-icon_bullet_go   Alpha Body Assessment: This is full body assessment where we create your training profile according to your goals and needs. It includes a body composition and girth analysis to give you a precise starting point to track your progress the right way. ($67 VALUE)
greenarrow-icon_bullet_go   Unlimited Access to Cruz Country Fitness Group Training: Access to training with our highly skilled and motivating trainers. They provide fun, always changing workout challenges to help increase your metabolism, target problem areas, and re-sculpt your body into one that is lean, tone, and trim. ($445.50 VALUE)
greenarrow-icon_bullet_go   42 Day Detox & Nutrition Plan: Get our special whole food based detox recipes, meal and nutritional suggestions that fit your goals as well as your daily schedule. This is not the same cookie cutter approach that everyone eats 6 small meals. We take what makes sense for your body, your daily routine and customize it around that. ($75 VALUE)
greenarrow-icon_bullet_go   42 Day Supplemental Workout Plan: Because we don’t have group training every day we provide you with 3 high intensity workouts you can do anywhere without any equipment or gym necessary. ($47 VALUE)
greenarrow-icon_bullet_go   42 Day Transform Journal: This small little booklet is probably one of the most powerful tools you can own. Don’t leave home without it. It will hold you accountable and chart your progress as well as give you the truth in black and white.  ($15 VALUE)
greenarrow-icon_bullet_go   Special Nutrition & Success Game Show Style Workouts: This special event is a unique approach to learning, retaining that knowledge, and getting in shape. >>This is a must see to believe experience.<< ($107 VALUE)****
greenarrow-icon_bullet_go   Weekly Accountability Check-ins: To quote Peter Drucker, “If you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” That is exactly what we do on a weekly basis with your weight and goals with our specialized accountability software. We want to make sure you hit your goals. ($27 VALUE)
greenarrow-icon_bullet_go   Post Contest Rewards Party: After all your hard work and after building strong friendships what better way then a party to celebrate your successes. Enjoy the healthy delicious food, the fun party environment, and the rewards. ($30 VALUE)
greenarrow-icon_bullet_go   Water Bottle: This is a perfect water bottle to make sure you are drinking enough water daily. Plus it is a convenient for when you are working out at boot camp to stay hydrated. ($10 VALUE)
greenarrow-icon_bullet_go   Miami Fit Newsletter: This quick extremely focused newsletter is one of our star attractions. Our clients love it because it to the point Jam packed with effective info to help you in your weight loss journey. Plus we have delicious recipe for you to incorporate into your routine. ($6.47 VALUE)
greenarrow-icon_bullet_go   Cruz Country Family: Having this amazing group of people that expects you to succeed and wants you to succeed is so empowering. Now you get to come to a place where everyone knows your name, a family that cares! (PRICELESS)
greenarrow-icon_bullet_go   Lifestyle Enhancement Coaching by a Certified & Licensed Physical Therapist & Body Transformation Expert. ($300 VALUE)




Feel-great-todayWhen you invest in yourself today you will be getting all of the above features but the benefits are priceless.

Think about how it would feel to wake up daily with joy and happiness because you are showing the world day in and day out who you truly are. I often get people telling me that they feel trapped inside their body. They say, “The person on the outside is not as beautiful as the person inside.”  Not any more. It is time to be congruent. It is time to have more energy, more focus, more clarity. It is time to have control over your emotions and your cravings.

Imagine what you would look like with better skin, hair, and nails. Focus your attention on how you would feel to slip into that little black dress or those jeans you haven’t fit into since college or high school. It feels great and I know this because many of our members have told me these exact same things. Now I want this for you


How Much For The Team-Up to Transform Challenge?

Because you’re almost guaranteed to increase your metabolism and get great results when you follow this program the way we outline it, I can easily charge upwards of $1000 of dollars and it would totally be worth it for you.  The good news is…that is not what you’re going to pay today, you’re not even going to pay $800, you’re not even going to pay half  $500 or $400 or $300. Instead, to celebrate Easter, you’re going to get join the Team-Up to Transform Challenge today for the low low price of ONLY $297.


Only $297 (SAVE $832.97)



guaranteeOur 42 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

We are committed to giving you the best possible experience and results at the Cruz Country Fitness. If for what ever reason you are not satisfied after the 42 Days just ask for your money back. We want to make sure you have no excuses to succeed. Join today and see why the Cruz Country Fitness is the Go-To place for Lifestyle and Body Transformation Success!

Now that you are ready to sign-up here are a few more details you should know:

Orientation & Program Briefing:

Saturday, March 30th, 2013 at 10:00 AM [You must be there in order to participate. If you have a question or concern about the start date please contact us via email at or call us at 305-741-0560.]

Program Dates:

Saturday, March 30th – Saturday, May 11th

Program Location:

Cruz Country Fitness & Physical Therapy

6832 SW 81st Terrace

Miami, FL, 33143

(305) 741-0560

Frequently Asked Questions:

[list type=”5″]
  • Do I have spend lots of money on supplements? NO, this is a whole food body cleansing and nutrition program. This is not one of these programs that try to sell you a whole bunch of stuff. I do make a few supplement recommendations you can purchase at the store.
  • Can I still do this if I will be traveling? YES, you can do this from anywhere. The benefit of doing this here is you will have us there physically pushing you in workouts and answering any questions or concerns in real time. That being said if you have any questions or concerns while you are away you will have direct access to me and my team to help you stay on track.
  • Can I do this if I have low blood sugar? YES, the program is designed to stabilize and reset your blood sugar levels. Throughout the day if you feel light headed or bad we customize the program for you. The most important thing is to track everything in your journal and communicate with us.
  • What should I expect when fasting and cleansing my body? Expect that the first week will be the hardest as your body is releasing most of the toxins. As the days go by you will feel a renewed sense strength, energy, and vitality. It will get worse before it gets better how much will depend on your level of toxicity.
  • Can I do this with a friend or spouse? YES, I highly encourage it. The more people on board with your goals and your level of focus the greater chance for success and compliance. Please contact us at or call us at 305-741-0560 for a special discount.
  • Where is the Miami Fit Body Boot Camp? We are located next to the Pinch-a-Penny Pool on 6832 SW 81 TER, Miami, FL 33143 (Behind Dadeland Mall)
  • What is the Training Schedule? We have boot camp training Monday – Thursday at 6AM, 6PM, 7PM, 8PM and Saturday at 9AM
  • Do I have to bring anything? The only thing we ask you bring is a great attitude and water. Apart from that we have all the equipment you need.
  • What if  it rains? No problem, we are an indoor boot camp so you never have to worry whether it is raining, whether it is too cold or hot, mosquitoes…we got you covered under our 3200 sq ft facility with all the equipment and a gymnastics spring loaded floor so that it is easier on your joints.
  • What if I am really out of shape, will I be able to participate in the boot camp? We have designed a no teammate left behind program that allows for a beginner to be working side-by-side with one of our boot campers and each still working at their level and getting awesome results.

If you have not done so and you feel this is right for you go below and click on the sign up now button. Remember most people’s regrets are over things not done.When you look back on your life to this moment I can guarantee if you immerse yourself in this program you will agree that this was a life changing experience. Go below and sign up today.

If you are still on the fence whether to jump on the Team-Up to Transform Challenge or not, ask yourself this questions…
Where do I want to be in 3 months, 6 months, 1 year from now? Don’t you want to have a trim, toned body… You do, don’t you?   Is it possible that there is a proven system that is going to show you how to get there right here in front of you.  The answer is YES and it’s called the Team-Up to Transform Challenge.

Don’t delay, get access to the most effective body transforming system today.


Only $297 (SAVE $832.97)


You’ve got nothing to lose except unwanted fat and the potential health risks associated with it…I know you’ll make the right decision.

Dedicated to being your best resource,

Fat Furnace

Armando Cruz MSPT, CSCS, ATC/L

CEO / Chief Body Transformation Coach

PS – When you sign-up today you lock the gift price of $297 and if in 30 days you are not satisfied with our program, then we’ll simply give you your entire investment back. Remember once we get 20 new members we will close registration!

PPS – People often ask me what the difference is between successful people and failures – ->SPEED. How fast you take action is directly proportional to your level of success, which leaves me to ask you one more question?  How fast are you willing to move?





ANY QUESTIONS? CALL 305-741-0560