How to Get Back to Doing the Activities You Love, PAIN FREE in 5 Sessions or Less.

Hi my name is Armando Cruz. I almost quit physical therapy and now that reason can dramatically benefit you.

When I started working as a physical therapist in 2005 I did not like the way the health care and insurance system was dictating what therapists were doing and why they were doing it.

I observed the wasted hours in paperwork therapists had to complete that didn’t help the patient or the therapist. I observed the unfocused treatment therapist were giving that was more of a filler to be able to bill certain codes. I observed that many physical therapists had become complacent taking patients from machine to machine never really putting their hands on their patients. Finally I observed the lack of motivation the system had set up to get the patients better, quicker.

For me that was unacceptable.

Before I continue, please understand I don’t believe that physical therapists are bad people. On the contrary, like teachers they go into the profession with a heart of service. I don’t believe they have bad intentions it’s just that they have been conditioned to treat patients this inefficient way because of the system. Most don't even realize it so they just go with the flow.

My father always taught me that when you don’t like the way things are going, create the change you want. That is exactly what I did. After 3 months of working in a great clinic with phenomenal therapists, I opened my own facility and created the Cruz Country RESTORE program to provide my clients the experience I knew they deserved. It is a hands on approach that is results driven with the lifestyle physical therapy mindset.


Lifestyle Physical Therapy focuses on getting you back to your active lifestyle pain-free as quickly as possible using social, mental and physical techniques to speed up results. No barriers, just focused results. After talking with many of my clients they expressed that the main reason they come to physical therapy is to be PAIN FREE and to go back to doing what they love.

As a successful personal trainer and strength coach I decided to change the physical therapy model and transform it to more of a personal training model. A 1-to-1 hands on treatment that gives you the power to fire your therapist if you weren’t getting the results you wanted.

How would you like to be free and get there in a simple yet fun way?

That's what we did. We created a program that gets you pain free in the simplest most enjoyable way possible. I am a firm believer in the transformation formula which states...

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With that in mind I developed our simple yet effective A-RRR Method.

The A-RRR Method stands for...


This is your real time indicator that allows you to know where your Brain/Nervous System is and how it is affecting your pain and your movement.


This is where you essentially release the brakes off your nervous, lymphatic, energetic, and musculoskeletal systems to allow you to break free of pain


This where you get the body to recognize the pain free patterns and teach it to move more efficiently and stronger.


This is where you reinforce in the brain how to move pain free so that it lasts. You create lasting patterns that are predictable and pain free.

 I've been accused of having magical powers...that you can have.

The beauty about the A-RRR Method is that your pain can rapidly be switched off, like a light switch, which often feels like magic.

Let me share an example:

I had a client that was moving into a new house and he threw out his back. He came in to me in pain. He couldn't extend without radiating pain shooting down his leg and could only bend as far as his hands touching the middle of his thighs before he had stabbing pain on his back. I assessed him then had him do some breathing exercises and some lite stroking just over his spine, barely touching him. When I asked him to reach for his toes he ended up going half way down his shins with no pain and was able to fully extend with no pain. You can imagine his surprise when his pain was gone in 7 minutes. He was speechless.

How could something so seemingly unrelated have such a profound effect on his pain and his pain free range of motion?

I remember him being so grateful but completely confused. He was neurologist and was fearing the worst because the pain he was feeling he had seen on similar patients that needed surgery. The magic is not some esoteric mystery but something that is right in front of us. The body is slave to the brain. Pain is not a muscular thing but a brain event. Provide enough safety for the brain and it willingly lets go.

My magical powers are that I am curious to find the cause and I listen to the your body is saying. Because I go to the source and work with the brain and nervous system, it allows me to get faster results.

It allows me to customize treatment in real time reading your body where it is in the healing process.

The A-RRR Method maximizes efficiency and removes any unnecessary fluff. It’s a listening based system that focuses on communicating a simple message to your brain and nervous system - SAFETY. 

Does this work with knee pain? Yes

Does this work with foot pain? Yes

Does this work with shoulder pain or neck pain? Yes and Yes.

As you saw with the example above it definitely works with back pain.

But wait, you may not qualify! (See below)


  • Are looking for a therapist that takes insurance. We only work on a membership basis. 
  • Need to go to surgery because of an acute injury or just got out of surgery. Example: Someone just tore their ACL. We can't fix that. After your surgery and initial physical therapy if you are still having pain then we can help you. 
  • Want to stay where you are. I know it sounds crazy but some people prefer complaining about their pain than actually doing something about it.
  • Are not willing to immerse yourself in the healing process. This is a team effort and your focus an mindset around healing will influence your long-term results.


  • Genuinely want to eliminate your pain and are willing to do what is necessary.
  • Still have hip, knee, shoulder, neck or back pain after having been to a traditional physical therapist.
  • Are interested in results.
  • Are frustrated with your current results and treatment of the current medical system.
  • Have an overuse injuries. A simple way to know it is an overuse injury is if it is reoccurring, like every time you walk your knee hurts or if you have a tendonitis of some sort.
  • Have an acute injury. Example: You went to reach for your sock or you sneezed and you threw out your back.


If you resonate with my message and align with the "This is for you if" criterion then I want to set up a phone interview with you to gain more clarity surrounding your pain and make sure we are a good fit to serve you best. To do that click the Apply Here button below and fill out your information in detail.

Let me walk you through the Process.

After you fill out your application, it will be sent my office. I will review it. If you did not fill it out completely and with detail, I will not not extend an invitation to get on the phone. Like I said I will only work with people who are committed to their success. I can't want it more than you.

If you are frustrated with your pain and truly want relief make sure you fill out the application with as much detail as possible so that I can better understand how I can serve you.

If you get invited to the phone interview then you will receive a link that will give you access to my calendar with options for days and times available for our call.

On the interview call day I will personally call you precisely at the time indicated. On that call I will ask you more questions to really draw out more information to give us more clarity on what the best course of action will be. I encourage you to ask me any questions you'd like to help give you more clarity about the process and how I can eliminate the pain.

If I find we are a good fit, I will invite you to do an assessment with me. There is no pressure for you to do it. If you don't feel it is a good fit or can't afford it, that is fine. No hard feelings we just move on with our lives. But if you do decide you want to try it out, my goals is to at the very least reduce you pain and/or improve your movement by 80-90%.

After reading all of this if you are still interested apply by clicking ---> HERE.


The answer is simple -TIME.

Once it is gone you can never retrieve it.

I don't want to waste your time or mine so I put these steps in place so that I can make sure I can transform your life by making it pain free. I am dedicated to helping you eliminate pain so that you can live a happier more vibrant pain free life doing the things you love. I am also a family man. I have a wife and 3 kids that I love very much and I am dedicated to spending as much time I can with them. As such my time only allows me to take on 5 new clients per month. That is why I am so selective. I want to make sure I can give you incredible results and help to transform your life.

If you are ready to commit to doing everything you can to experience FREEDOM from pain, click on the button below and fill out your application today.

Commonly Asked Questions.

1.)   Do you accept insurance?

No. Sticking to our belief that efficient and simple is the best route we decided to build a fee for service practice.

2.)   How can you fix me in 5 sessions when all the other therapy places I have been to say I need 6-8 weeks?

Most physical therapy works primarily with what I call "down stream processes". Meaning they are working on symptoms not causes. The reason I can get such rapid results is because I start by working at the highest level - the brain and nervous system. I have done lots of extra extensive coursework and studying to formulate this cutting edge approach. Just so we are clear this is none invasive or dealing with drugs. This just a specialized hands on approach of me working with you.

3.)   Do I need a doctors prescription before I can make an appointment?

You can get one if you choose but it is not necessary. Our focus is to help you get back to doing what you love pain-free. It is not to do paperwork. That being said we will work with your physician and any other health professional to make sure you get the best comprehensive service available.

4.)   How do I make an appointment?

Apply Here

5.)   What days and times are you open?

Because this is a private facility there are no walk-in appointments. All sessions are by appointment only. We do that to be more efficient and to control the environment in order to insure you are getting 100% of our attention.

6.)   Do you only treat athletes?

No. In fact most of our clients are working professionals. The most important things are that we are a good fit, we communicate clearly, and you have a strong desire to become pain free. Whether you are a professional athlete, a weekend warrior, or a sedentary individual, we want to give you the FREEDOM from pain you deserve.

7.)   What kind of injuries do you specialize in?

We focus on orthopedic overuse injuries. The simplest way I can explain this is: You were doing something pain free, then something happened that you are now experiencing pain. We want to help you be able to do it again pain-free. :-)

At this point you should be clear whether this is right for you. If you are still unclear fill out the application. At worst you gain more clarity by writing and thinking through your application answers. At best we give you the FREEDOM from your pain so you can go back and enjoy the activities you love absolutely PAIN FREE.

[Apply Here] and be PAIN FREE today!


Armando Cruz MSPT, CSCS, IPC

Creator of the RESTORE Program