Resolutions Gone Bad

Have you ever played a game that no matter what you did you would win?

How do you think you would feel?

I am guessing pretty good. Empowered. Excited even. We love winning 🙂

How about the opposite?

What if you played a game that in order for you to win the stars, planets, and galaxies had to align on the first Sunday of the month?

How do you think you would feel losing every day?

Probably not so empowered. Probably a little frustrated and I would even venture to say that eventually you would dread looking forward to the next day.

I think we can all agree that the first scenario is the one we’d all choose. Here is the interesting statistic. Rarely do people choose option 1 in the game of life. In fact it seems people are determined to play option 2.

With the new year here many people make resolutions.

So the question becomes how can you make resolutions that empower you and give you an opportunity to win?

How can you create a situation that more closely resembles option 1?

The best part of this is that there is no one answer. It is going to be specific for you. I encourage you to take some time and ask yourself these questions. I want to see you empowered and growing daily.





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