Learning for a Lifetime

As a kid you I couldn’t wait to get out of school so I could just start doing and not have to worry about studying. That couldn’t be further from reality, at least in my case.

As I grew older I realized that learning is not a degree or a destination but an evolution of the person. I would say that the rate at which you choose to grow through focus, dedication and application is exponentially proportional to your growth or evolution as a person.

My goal is to be at least 1% better than the day before. In fact as my friend and fitness guru Pat Rigsby said, “If you can grow daily by 1%, in 1 year you will be 365% better than the year before.” That is pretty powerful.

Learning is not always in the form of sitting down and reading a book, though that is great. Learning starts with a mindset. You must be open to your environment. Nature is a great teacher, so are the people around you. Never think you are too good that you can’t learn from someone else. Sometimes learning how not to do something is just as valuable as knowing how to do it.

This weekend I have the privilege of getting to speak at a conference with some of the worlds top fitness trainers and coaches. I will be speaking to personal trainers that are great at what they do but want to be better. Some for the money but most because they know that when they become better at their craft everyone wins. Not everything in life is a win-win situation but as a coach I believe I have a win-win situation.

Below are 4 points I will be sharing with these trainers in my presentation that I know will benefit you. By the way, I will be speaking at the conference but as soon as I am done I will be back in the audience ready to take notes. I am there to learn as much as I am there to teach.

4 Keys to Minimizing Risk and Creating Opportunity

1. Know your purpose.

Your purpose is what drives you, it is what guides you to your ultimate reality. Know what it is and follow it.

2. No such thing as a magic pill.

As humans we seek the path of least resistance. There is no such thing as a magic pill that will take away all your problems. The key to success then is not the absence of problems or obstacles but how you deal with them. Henry Ford said, “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you have taken your eyes off your goals.”

3. Establish your rules.

Create rules to live by. It will help you stream line your decisions. Rules will enable you to act more productive stead of pondering on what you should do.

4. Be flexible.

Flexibility is good for your body but also good for your game plan. Nothing ever goes exactly as planned and those that can adapt the quickest and act again are the ones that will be successful. There is a direct correlation with successful business owners and their speed of implementation. Take quick action today.

Apply these 4 lessons to your life today to minimize risk and improve your opportunities…





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4 responses to “Learning for a Lifetime”

  1. Becky Fromm Avatar
    Becky Fromm

    Armando! You are such an amazing role model!!! The eagerness to grow and learn is probably the biggest quality I enjoy and seek out in people… It’s no wonder I like you so much!!! You’re gonna have an awesome presentation! Enjoy Cali!!!!

    1. admin Avatar

      Thank you so much Becky. Will let you know how it goes. Great hearing from you.

  2. Vivian Avatar

    All I can say is I am very impressed by you! Can u lend me some of ur speaking skills! Good luck. Pretty soon you’ll be too huge to talk too…lol
    The next Jack Lalane????

    1. admin Avatar

      Thanks so much for that Vivian. I’d love to say yes I can give you my special speaking powers but the truth is you don’t need it. I know you could do it too if you spoke from your heart about something you are passionate about. Jack Lalane is legendary and yes I am going for legendary but for you I will never be too big to talk to 😉

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