February 13


Travel Workout Series: Vol. 1

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This is an easy full body workout to do.

You can do it anywhere. It is  great for when you are too busy to get to the gym, when you are away traveling,  or just need to get a good pump. Enjoy the workout.


Workout Exercise:

Perform 6-10 Rounds of the circuit below.

1.   Split Squat – Right leg (5)
2.   Split Squat – Left leg (5)
3.   Goodmornings (5)
4.   Table Top Bridges – Reach right (5)
5.   Table Top Bridges – Reach left (5)
6.   Close Grip Push-ups (5)
7.   Wide Grip Push-ups (5)

If you have any questions about the workout or exercises please leave them on the comments section below.





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A Real Friend
  • Thanks for providing helpful resources sutch as this, I will be traveling quite a bit soon on my new job and excersising will be limited. Thanks again,keep up the good work.

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