February 14


A Love Poem to Our Clients

Valentine’s Day is here.

Christian and I were talking about what we love about having you as our client.

We came up with many things.

We talked about how you get frustrated  and how we get frustrated when you struggles to hit your goals. But also how you persist and the successes you have had when you refuse to quit and stay the course no matter what. These breakthroughs make any roadblock seem petty. Henry Ford said, “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals.”  I am proud of you for being a champion.

We talked about sliders, weight vests, suicides and the fun and crazy workouts you have done. We spoke about the different events we’ve have had and how you have helped our family grow. I think what has brought us the most joy is knowing the special place you hold as one of the members of our Cruz Country family. I know that sounds sappy but we really mean it. You allow us to live our dream of coaching and helping you become the best version of yourself. Like with any relationship it won’t be easy but definitely worth it. We thank you for the opportunity.

Christian was inspired to compose this poem for you. The truth is I have never seen her write a poem. So I am excited that this was the first and it is about you. It speaks to the joy, love, and fulfillment we get by having you in our life. Happy Valentines Day and know that our love extends daily to you.

From the bottom of our hearts.

My Love For You

My love for you each and everyday grows
Which is why I make you do burpees
And remind you of the foods that are foes.

It grows when you cry, whine and pout
Which is why I just smile and say another set
And encourage you to stay on the fitness route

It grows when you get fitter and stronger
Which is why I surprise you with weight vests
And make you do animal exercises longer

It grows when you lunge perfectly til the beep
Which is why I say keep it up and get it done
And remind you of the benefits you will reap.

It grows when you call, text, email, facebook me
Which is why I always comment and like the posts
And write inspirations that I hope you will see.

It grows when we laugh and smile as a family
Which is why I love talk about your fitness success
And await your daily attendance much eagerly.

And most of all it grows because I get to see
Your struggles and fears, goals and triumphs
And get to be part of the love story of thee.

– Christian Cruz

Have a blessed and loving day.


Armando, Christian, & the Cruz Country Team

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A Real Friend
  • Gracias, la vida te da sorpresas, quien te iba a decir que tenias una poetisa a tu lado. Regalo de San Valentin. Lindos pensamientos los admiro por su gran paciencia y dedicacion. Feliz dia.

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