Cicero, Demosthenes, You

What do Cicero and Demosthenes have to do with you?

Who are they?

They are both great Greek orators.

I heard something yesterday regarding these two men that I wanted to share with you.

When Cicero gave a speech people cheered and applauded. They said they felt inspired but never did anything. When Demosthenes gave a speech men marched into battle. People moved.

Now I don’t know how true this statement is but it begs the question,

Would you rather be famous or a leader?

I understand that this really doesn’t have to be an either or question but I want you to think what you place more value in.

I know I would prefer both but if I had to choose one my ego my would prefer being famous. Having everyone know my name and look to me with admiration is a great feeling. But knowing my life’s purpose and knowing what would bring lasting fulfillment I would want to be as Demosthenes, a leader, and leave a legacy.

What good is inspiration if it causes no action?

I am clear on my purpose in life and that is to affect each person I meet in such a way that their life is a little better as a result of our interaction. I know I did my job when I hear comments like, ” thank you for changing my life.”

“After our conversation I changed the way I eat.”

“My relationship with my wife is better after hearing your keys to healthy relationship.”

“I feel less stress since exercising with you.”

“The email you sent made my day.”

“My day is more productive, happier, and better as a result of the daily50 challenge.”

I have mentioned before that my father is my hero and one of the leaders I look up to.  As a kid, I viewed leaders as great people that others listened to because they wanted to be like them. As I grew older I realize that leadership has less to do with self and more to do with others.

Leaders help empower and give others resolve to act.

Not because they are great but because they allow their followers to see the greatness inside themselves.

Action is the byproduct of effective leadership.

Consistent action as a result of your story is what creates a movement.

Movements change the world.

Going back to the original question, Leader or famous?

I want to know your thoughts. Leave your answer below: Leader or famous and why.



PS – There is no right or wrong answer. Just open the dialogue within yourself to better understand your purpose and who you are now right now.



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