February 21


Travel Workout Series: Vol. 2

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This is a great mini cardio workout you can do right in your hotel room or at home when you don’t have an opportunity to go to the gym. It is going to elevate your heart rate and get you winded. This is normal. This is an effective way that is not so monotonous to get in your cardio.

Enjoy the workout.


Workout Exercise:

Perform 6 Rounds of the coupled exercises below.

Group A:

[Stomach to stand-up (15s) + Lizard hops (15s) + Rest (15s)] 6 Rounds

Group B:

[Jump Squats (15s) + High Knees (15s) + Rest (15s)] 6 Rounds

Group C:

[Defensive Pumps (15s) + Mountain climbers (15s) + Rest (15s)] 6 Rounds

Group D:

[Speed jacks (15s) + Plank Jacks (15s) + Rest (15s)] 6 Rounds


If you have any questions about the workout or exercises please leave them on the comments section below.





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