March 4


Creating Memories That Last

Yesterday, I got a surprise visit.

My childhood neighbor and friend Jason, that I hadn’t seen in almost 15 years, showed up at my parents house (it was like old times).

Jason and I had grown up together but his family moved away when I was in high school.

It was so great catching up with him. Seeing how his life has turned out and that he is still just as nice and cool as ever really made me happy. We talked about how things have changed, how things have progressed. We talked about our other neighborhood friends and what’s going on in their lives.

As a kid we would do so many fun things. But what really hit home was when he said,

“Some of my fondest memories growing up were in your house in Christmas and all the games and things we use to do.”

Wow. You never know what kind of impact you will leave on someones life. He was part of some of my best memories growing up as well.

Are you creating memories?

After he left, I started thinking about what kind of life I was creating for myself, for my kids, and for my family.

I specifically say “create” on purpose because I believe we are in control, more importantly I believe it is our responsibility to create our memories, our experiences. As kids Jason and I and the rest of the kids in the block would be playing non-stop. We played basketball, baseball, had epic kick ball games, crazy tackle football games on the street (yes you read right). We would have to drive the opponent to the grass on the side of the street and tackle there. Needles to say not everyone always made it. No there were no helmets, pads, or liability waivers signed. Just kids being kids.

Oh then there were the Nintendo matches. They were great. We would play The Legend of Zelda (gold cartridge). I can still hum that tune…

Mario Brothers was a classic, and we even had power pad competitions.  All you 1980’s kids you know what I am talking about. This was way before Wii Fit, definitely cooler (at least what I remember).

We made games up all the time. We traded baseball cards, played street hockey, street volleyball, wrestled (not on the street). The world was our playground and man did we explore it. Looking back I realize what great memories we created. Memories I can share with my kids. Memories that help shaped me as a man today.

Here is the beauty of it all.

It doesn’t have to stop as you grow up (for most people it has). On the contrary I believe you should get more creative and have more fun.

You should be focused on is creating memories you will be proud and excited to share with others.

Focus on creating unforgettable experiences.

–   Are you doing that with your kids?

–   Are you doing that with your spouse, with your loved ones, with your family, with your friends?

–   Are you making memories, not just going through each day just kind of grinding through the day?

The saddest thing I hear as a coach is…

I hear people say when asked how their day was?

“Getting by.” “Can’t complain at least I have work.” “Grinding.”

I sit back and think, what a sad response.  They’re just getting by. They’re just getting along. They’re just grinding by. Why? There is so much more to life.

I want you to be shooting for amazing. I want you to be eager to answer that question. I know that may sound like I’m living in fantasy land (da plane) but the truth is – it is a choice. I am not saying you will not have bad days or days where things just don’t go right. I am not saying that their won’t be days that you’ll just have to grind through.

What I am saying is make it a point to create experiences worth sharing, experiences that excite you. Not  just when you are going on vacation but daily. Don’t dread Monday but look forward to it. Make each day like most people feel about Friday.

I want you to look back and say, “I actually lived life. I didn’t just let life happen to me.”

Get out there and enjoy life, create memories, especially with those you love and make it a great one.

On the comments below share one childhood experience that you loved.



PS – Looking forward to reading your stories. Leave one childhood experience that you loved in the comments section below 🙂


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A Real Friend
  • One of my fondest memories is actually not a positive one but one my cousin and I always tell and reminisce about. We were at Lisa’s house in the Keys. I decide to jump off the 2nd floor, Lisa follows, and unfortunately, so did her little sister. She obviously took off wrong and landed on ber but and lower back. She could not breathe for a few minutes. We were HORRiFIED! Ofcourse we got busted…but we survived!

  • Vivian you and Lisa are just crazy and always make me smile. While I am not sure if you necessarily want to re-create someone getting injured. The point is you created a special moment in time where you did something that made you feel special, made you feel even superhuman.

    Think of why you would jump out of the 2nd story of the house. What did it make you feel like? What kind of mindset were you in? What did you love about it?

    Now do it again. Do what makes you feel the same way. (*NOTE: As per my lawyer I am not telling you to jump off a building. You are responsible for your own actions, LOL.)

    What I am saying is capture the way you feel, understand the way you want to feel, and who you want to be with and duplicate that.

    Thanks you so much for sharing. I can recall jumping off my grandmothers roof and feeling invincible as a kid. Also I use to do just because I could.

    When was the last time you did something just because you could?

    I get that same feeling of jumping off my grandmothers roof, now when I run and push myself to run faster and further than before.


  • I recall my brother, me and a group of childhood friends took those red plastic Coca Cola crates from the back of a supermarket and took them to our friend’s father’s apt and made a “stage” out of the crates. Then we would choreograph lame routines to freestyle songs (specifically from Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam! Ha!). We would put this show on for …no one..just ourselves…but boy did we have a blast. We went as far as grabbing the Yellow pages and calling agents and asking if they’d book us. We were so young …and delusional!

    • Love it Nubia.
      I don’t think you were being delusional. I think many adults live delusional lives. They are afraid to be true. They are afraid to just be without inhibition.

      When you ask a kid to sing or dance they do it without thinking of what others will say. They just express themselves. They don’t conform to rules of dancing or singing. They just do it the way they want. I think it is a valuable lesson to learn and keep.

      Make sure to encourage and participate with Nia in these shenanigans. Thank you for sharing.

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