March 11


Climb Higher to Success

We had a great field trip yesterday with our members. We went rock climbing at x-treme rock climbing. I feel that rock climbing is a great metaphor for life and for reaching our goals.

What would you do if you fell off the side of a cliff?

I know that sounds pretty extreme but after our experience rock climbing it became very real. Things like this make me reflect. They make look for the practical application of this experience. I came up with these 5 principles I know can help you survives life’s cliffs and falls.



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The 5 Principles Rock Climbing Teaches to Success:

1.   Zig-Zag To The Top:

The direct approach is not always the best. Sometimes you zig, other times you zag in rock climbing and especially when progressing your goals. I share this so you become aware of it. I know I get into a rhythm of expecting things to progress linearly. By keeping in mind that zigging and zagging is normal you won’t become frustrated and look for the turns ahead.


2.   Use Your Legs:

Your legs are your base and they give you the power to propel yourself forward. When rock climbing you will find the more you use your legs the longer you will be able to climb. Same goes for success. Be efficient with your energy and move forward one step at a time.


3.   Teamwork:

You will get further with teamwork then you will by yourself. When Climbing you have a partner that literally holds your lifeline should you fall. Establish a team of people you trust and want to see you succeed. They will give you the insight, encouragement, and demand your excellence daily.


4.   Your Gut:

Teamwork is great but sometimes you need to follow your gut. At the end of the day you must execute and make your own decisions. When you are in the trenches you will see certain things that others will not. Decide and take action.


5.   You Must Commit:

As with anything, you must commit 100% to what you want and head for it. Keep moving and correct on the way. Don’t stop until you get there.


Fear will invariably set in when you have gone higher and further than before. As humans we fear the unknown. If it doesn’t scare you, if it doesn’t make you excited, then you are probably not pushing hard enough or far enough.  Growth is achieved when you stretch yourself.

Seek to grow daily and apply these 5 principles to help you reach the top of the mountains in your life.





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