March 25


Are you stressed? (part 1)

I constantly hear the words, “I’m so stressed.”

I want to share with you a few insights about stress and how to harness it’s power for good, for productivity, for growth.

Here is the thing. The right stress will help you grow and become a better person.

A diamond, one of the worlds hardest substances and the most precious stone, is only coal that withstood lots of heat and pressure. You are a diamond in the rough. Embrace the pressure but not just any pressure. Scattered unorganized pressure will not form a diamond. The pressure must be specific, concentrated, and organized. Focus and become the diamond you were meant to be.

“…Stress is Fun”

When I was in high school, in my Latin (yes I took Latin) we had a class motto, “Rigor is good, Stress is fun.”  Learning Latin or any language for that matter can be difficult.  Add to that all the other languages I was taking (ancient Greek, French, and German); now sprinkle in the other classes I was taking (14 total). As icing on the cake we had to take a final exam on each class worth 75% of our grade. Yes, failing the final could completely undo everything you had done throughout the year.

There were lots of stressed out students.  Going back to our class motto, “Rigor is good, stress is fun,” became a mantra to help me deal with stress. Looking back, I was being trained to deal with the most important information and situations. When I got to college I found it to be relatively easy, compared to to my classmates.

Kekich Credo #4, “Life easy when you live it the hard way… and hard if you to live it the easy way.”

I realized after going through those tough times that it comes down to your perspective.

Are you choosing to make the situations empowering or not?


Perspective is very important.

The way you view things will largely determine how they affect you. Pay attention to your language.

Finish the statement below:

–>  Life is a… (challenge) / (test) / (adventure) / (fleeting) / (pain and suffering).

Read each one of these options. How do they make you feel? How do you view life?

There many more ways to view life but if we had five people each having one of these views of life they will each experience life differently.

–   If life was a challenge you would view any obstacles as building block of growth.

–   If life was a test then you would probably experience a certain anxiety that you may fail, as if you were taking a test in school.

–   If life was is an adventure then you might look forward to each day with a childlike excitement.

–   If life was fleeting your view might be one of hopelessness.

–   Finally if life is pain and suffering well obstacles are part of it and you may not have desire to push on because that is just part of life.

I hope you see how perspective can really make a difference.

Be a realist…

This isn’t about being Mr. or Mrs. Positive all the time. This is about being a true realist. Bad things will happen, life will get tough but you always have a choice on how you will react to it. Will you arm yourself with a perspective that is empowering?

Decide on what you want press on from their.

I am constantly reading, learning, practicing on ways to become more effective and achieve the results and essentially the life I want. If you are interested in the same then I highly encourage you to check out our Team-up to Transform Challenge. It is a 42 day challenge to help you regain control of your decisions, cravings, mindset, and life (click here for more info.)



PS – Remember the diamond. Focused well organized will lead to brilliance. Be brilliant!

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