April 26


Electric Chair Full Body Workout


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Electric Chair Full Body Workout Challenge

Enjoy this full body workout. You can do it anywhere as long as you have a sturdy chair. Make sure you focus on technique first then speed. If you are not doing the exercises correctly then it won’t activate the muscles they need to and you could injure yourself.

Start off by completing 3 rounds and work your way to 5 rounds after several weeks.




1.   Step Taps (20 reps)

2.   Inclined Push-ups (10 reps)

3.   Chair Dips (10 reps)

4.   Raised Leg Pike Push-ups (10 reps)

4.   Step Taps (20 reps)

5.   Kick Overs (10 ea)

6.   Incline Side Squats (10 ea)

7.   Bulgarian Squat (10 ea)


*BONUS:  If you want a different challenge do each exercise for 1:00. It will make it more difficult and add more cardio intensity to it. Enjoy.


Let me know how you enjoyed the workout and if you have any questions.




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