July 2


Healthy Pasta Made Easy

I wanted to share this simple recipe with you today and how the principles used to prepare this healthy meal can help in other areas of your life.

First let me make your mouth water with this delicious recipe.




1 – Carrot

1 – Zucchini

1/2 – Lemon (juice)

Olive Oil



Sea Salt

Red Pepper Flakes



Take your knife and cut off the ends of the carrot and zucchini. Then take your Zyliss julienne peeler and peel the carrot and the zucchini on the cutting board until you can’t any more. Place the shredded veggies on a plate, then drizzle olive oil over the top and mix it. Then squeeze some lemon juice over it and add the condiments and herbs to taste. Mix it up and eat.





On Saturday I was really craving pasta when I was home. I really enjoy a nice bowl of linguini or angel hair pasta with freshly made marinara or lemon and olive oil though I rarely eat it. I looked inside my fridge and I saw I had some linguini that I could make. But I also saw I had lots of zucchinis and carrots. So I got a bit creative and shredded the carrots and zucchini into pasta and added the olive oil, lemon, oregano.

*Side Note: You can make most things taste more “Italian” by adding more oregano. I know that in different regions of Italy they cook different but it fulfills a certain smell and taste I expect from “Italian”.


So what is significant about this?

Be creative.

Forget what your parents said about not playing with your food.

Please play all you want. Explore different possibilities. The more you play with food and understand its texture, taste, and combinations, the more time you invest in it. The more time you invest, the more committed you are to making it work. I hope you see that this can be applied to all areas in your life.


Commitment through play.

Imagine if you were to apply the principles of play and commitment to exercise?

We do it with our kids all the time. They love it because it is play. Don’t be so serious all the time when exercising. Explore different movements, tools, environments, and activities. Let them lead some exercise workouts. They will be empowered, it will become part of their habits, and you will find yourself doing things that may resemble a good game of twister. Good fun indeed.

What if you applied it to your relationships?

Christian and I are not a diligent as I would love at exploring and playing with different activities but acro-yoga has helped is put this principle into action. We have a fun time together, moving and physically connecting. It has helped us communicate better and just enjoy each others company better.

Remember creativity and play, can be trained. Put in the time and reap the benefits.


The big three.

1.   Enjoy the recipe above.

2.   Play with your food.

3.   Commit to exploring and growing your commitment.













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