Vacation Improves Your Health And Wealth

After a week of living the beach life, I must admit it was tough coming back. Hence that is why you are getting this email today and not my usual Monday.

First let me proudly share that I’m not lobstery red. I actually got some great colour. Yes I spelled colour in the Queens English on purpose. It feels more prestigious.

What an experience to be able to wake up and walk outside right on to the beach. It was truly invigorating to smell the salty aroma of the sea and bathe in the percussive sounds of the waves crashing on the beach daily. Christian and I are determined to one day purchase a house on the beach.


Are vacations necessary?

Today I want to share how imperative it is to take vacations as part of your healthy lifestyle. Taking vacations will enable you to become more prosperous, happier, and healthier.

Before we get into that here is a great picture of the kids. All 8…for now. 😉

My kiddos Mandy is #3 and Amelie is #6 on the picture. My sister Kika has the twins Adrian and Danny #1 & 2, plus Gaby #5. My other sister Kara has Audrey #4 and Lisette #7. And the newest family member belongs to my brother and trainer Javo. Baby Jayden is seated in #8.



Vacation – The Key To A Healthier and Wealthier Life.

I want to make a bold statement: 

If you are not taking vacations throughout the year you will not be as healthy and as wealthy as you could be.


It is counter-intuitive that not working will help you be more successful. The truth is that if you don’t allow for restorative periods in your body, mind, and spirit you will not function optimally.


I want to talk specifically about extended vacations of 1 to 2 weeks. I believe that 7-14 days off is the sweet spot for ultimate rejuvenation without getting rusty at what you do.


5 Rules of Vacationing for Optimal Results:

1.  No work.

This was the first time in a long time that I completely disconnected from work, with the exception of the email I sent on Tuesday. The benefit of this approach is creating distance, perspective, and rest. It allows you to come back energized and with improved clarity.


2.  Pursue other interests.

This vacation I tried Stand-up Paddle Board Surfing. As the name implies you are doing stand up paddleboarding but in the waves surfing them in. I would not say that I rocked it but I definitely got the hang of it. What great fun and boy was it challenging. We also exercised, did some slacklining, boogie boarding, built sand castles, and collected shells. Your interests don’t have to be active like mine but pick something other than work that you love to learn more about or do.


3.  Exercise daily.

Most people think vacation is the time to rest from workouts. My view is that when you are on vacation it is perfect time to exercise. You have the most amount of time for yourself and actually have time to recover. I woke almost every day between 5:30 to 6:30am and ran. For me running helps me think better as well as make better decisions throughout the day. While you don’t have to wake up so early get your regimented exercise in. I always prefer first thing in the morning so that it is out of the way and you don’t have to worry about it any more.


4.  Read a good book.

Reading is a lost practice. Most people don’t read a book in a year because life has become so hectic and our attention has decreased. Reading allows you to think, use your imagination, and paint the world as a you see it or want to see it. The reading could be motivational or personal development in nature, or just a good ol’ novel. Whatever you decide to read, it will help you to be mentally active.


5.  Fuel for success.

Without fail everyone knows that fruits, veggies, and lean meats are healthy and junk food is not. My wife wanted to make sure we had good food so she contacted Annie’s Organic Buying Club which delivers fresh organic produce at our studio on Monday’s and got them to deliver to the house that we rented on the beach. It’s not like we didn’t eat some junk food, like chips, ice cream, cookies, even pizza, but the majority was fruits and veggies. We were 19 people with 8 of us being kids under the age of 5 so we didn’t go out to eat because of logistics and we didn’t want to leave the beach but if you like going out most restaurants have healthier options. The key is making that choice. Food should be life giving and energy cultivators not energy extractors.


This is my experience for an enjoyable, prosperous, and healthy vacation. Follow these rules and you will find as I did that vacations are an asset to living a healthier more productive life. Hopefully some of these rules speak to you and connect you to a happier, healthier vacation.



PS – Invariably someone is going to say that they can’t take lots of vacations because of work and/or finances. Know that when you make time (vacation) to rejuvinate your finances will improve.

If you can’t go away for a week or more take a day or weekend vacation. As you know Friday’s are Cruz Family beach day. It is the day Christian and I unwind and enjoy with the kids to help us recharge for the up-coming week.  It works miracles to disconnect in order to be better connected when you return. It is worth it.




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