Drowning with the Weight of the World

Ever felt completely undeserving?
Ever felt unable to grow as a person?
Ever felt exhausted and lacking of energy?
Ever felt like you were drowning with the weight of the world pulling you down?

For the past few months I have been fighting these feelings. This is very difficult for me to admit but by sharing my experience I hope to gain more clarity and serve to help you on your journey should you ever feel this way.

A very common misconception is that I don’t fall off the wagon so to speak. Nothing can be further from the truth. In fact I fail much more than I succeed. To think that anyone lives a problem free life is B.S.!

“Sh*t happens to everyone, no one is immune. How we deal with it, is really the crux of what happens next.”

The past few months I have made myself physically sick with some personal obstacles and demons I have been facing. The biggest reason I have been feeling this way is because of the stories I’ve been telling myself of what I should BE or should be doing. With long “To Do” lists and expectations I know without fail what I “should” be doing but for whatever reason I haven’t.

“Should ” is the language of willpower.
Willpower is unsustainable.
Stop “shoulding” all over yourself.
Eliminate “should” and come from a place of want, a place of inspiration.
I’ve dropped the ball on several things in my personal life and in the business lately. Until recently I have been able to slowly emerge.

Here is what happen… Survive vs. thrive.

When your cup is full of water and you attempt to add coffee what happens? It over flows and you get a really watered down coffee.

When you are in survival mode you can’t add more to your life and when you do, all you get is a watered down version that often adds more of a burden. You cannot create new things in this state. You can only do what you’ve done or just freeze, which is what happened with me.

When we are thriving it is the exact opposite of surviving. We have an empty cup ready to accept, create, and grow.

If you are in survival mode what do you do? Get help.

The most valuable way to combat this effectively is to hire a good coach. A good coach will help you ask the right questions which will help give you more clarity. A good coach will help you untie the knots, help you overcome the obstacles, help you release you foot off the brakes so you can advance, and help empower you to put down the bag of rocks you are carrying around that are burdening your progress.

Disney World, the nightmare!

I am a visual learner so pardon my examples but imagine you go to Disney World. Only before you go in, at the ticket counter they give you a 100 lbs backpack filled with rocks.

How would you feel after walking in the hot sun for an hour in the happiest place on earth carrying the 100 lbs bag? How about 5 hours into it? I know, I’d feel exhausted, beaten up, and pretty miserable.

What coaching helps you do is get rid of some of the rocks to lighten your load. On the big coaching breakthroughs you give yourself permission to put the bag down and enjoy. You see at the beginning of this story I said they gave you the bag. You never had to accept it, you never had to carry it. It was your decision. Often in life this is the case. We carry loads that weren’t meant for us.

There are always rocks to carry and obstacles to overcome. After writing about this experience I can say this.

First, I gained more clarity with the obstacles I have been facing just by writing this letter to you. Thank you for listening.

Second, I did the same thing I encouraged you to do. I got a coach. Coaching does so much for you. You don’t need to have something wrong to need a coach. In fact if you look at really successful people you will notice they have coaches. Does Miami Heat MVP Lebron James need coach Erik Spoelstra to teach him how to play basketball, to tell him how to shoot or dribble?



Coach Spoelstra is there to provide perspective and leadership. Lebron can’t see everything happening on and off the court. The coach has ample distance from the game to provide both.

My coach helped give me perspective and clarity. He didn’t tell me what I had to do but helped open doors in the form of questions so that I could decide the way that was most congruent to me to take. Now I want to do the same for you.

Become Unstuck!

If you are feeling stuck,
If you are feeling overwhelmed with all the thing in your life,
If you are feeling exhausted because it feels like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders,
I want you to (click here) to set up an Exploratory Session.

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PS – You have nothing to lose by scheduling your FREE exploratory session. I have seen amazing transformation happen in this one session over the past 5 months with different clients and I want the same for you.

If you are tired of carrying all those rocks, if you are tired of baring the burden of the world then give yourself permission to move beyond the chains holding you back. Schedule your exploratory session here. 🙂



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