October 16


5 Things I Learned When Mandy was Hospitalized

For all you parents I am sure you can remember with great clarity the first time you kids were hospitalized.

This is a vivid image I wish would never occurred, but I learned 5 things I want to share with you.


5 Things I Learned When Mandy was Hospitalized


1.   The Miami Children’s Hospital nurses and staff that we encountered were all very nice and genuinely cared. I really appreciated that considering it was the first time Mandy was admitted to the hospital. They made the experience less scary.

2.  Doctors use you as an experiment. I know this is a little controversial but this came from the doctors mouth. He was wanted to prescribe medication for Mandy based what he thinks Mandy has. He said if it doesn’t work then we know it wasn’t what I thought. If it does work then it could be what I thought.

I get it that action in a life and death situation is better than nothing but this was not life and death. I feel it prudent to wait for lab results before you prescribe medication to my son that has side effects that my son will have to deal with for a long time. (I think I will elaborate on this on a future post because I can the people with pitch forks waiting outside my door for what I just said.)

3.   Make the best of each situation. Mandy was feeling better the next day in the hospital so we spent the entire day together playing. It was amazing. We colored. Here is my Smurf. I didn’t get to work out but at least my Smurf looks like he has been hitting the gym with those 8-pack abs.


4.   I need to disconnect more. When I was with Mandy he became my only focus. We hung out and watched Youtube videos about building Legos (he loves Legos, me too). We did some target practiced with a rubber band paper projectiles I use to make in class when I was a kid, and we hopped around the room form colored tile to colored tile. We dared not to step on the white tiles as they were part of an alligator pit. 😉


5.   I need to be a kid more often. This is not some nostalgic dream but a practice of play and presence that I feel is beneficial to all. Try it today.


Looking forward to spending more time with the family. I’ve been dying to take the family camping.

A mentor of mine talks about the the 4 “F’s”


A great Family makes the other three that much sweeter. Enjoy.







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A Real Friend
  • I am glad all is better. The nightmares I could tell you about hospitals. In my own experiences. My step daughter went in to the hospital with her daughter. Both vomiting and diarrhea. They did the same thing antibiotics before knowing what was wrong. My step daughter died. Her daughter lived. To this day they don’t know what it was.

  • Hi Armando. Regarding #2. You did the right thing ! As far as people waiting with pitchforks, you’d be surprised it probably is the opposite. People are tired of over-zealous prescribing for every little thing.

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