October 30


Start the fire

Fire in a survival situation is one of the most important things you can have.

Fire can help you make water drinkable by boiling it.

Fire can give you warmth as the temperature drops and it keeps moral up literally giving you light in a dark situation.

Making a sustainable fire has a lot of similarities with creating and achieving successful goals.

In order to start a fire you need to have tinder. Tinder is usually smaller processed wood/plant fibers that are easily ignited. From there you add some really thin twigs to grow the fire, then you add pencil thin wood called kindling. As the fire grows from there you add larger pieces of wood as fuel to keep the fire on for longer.


Light A Fire Under Your Goals

Fire = Understand what your vision, your goal, you end results looks like.

1.   Tinder = Create a simple action to do daily that will easily give you momentum towards that goal. If your goal is to lose weight you may want to do 5 minutes of walking first thing in the morning. This not about creating the best program but doing the action that is easiest, an action with very little resistance on your part. Do this for about 15 days.

2.   Kindling = As your momentum grows, add some tasks that are more challenging. Add push ups and squats interspersed in your walk and add more time. Don’t add too much. You should still feel the desire that you can still do more daily. You want to maintain that hunger. Do for another 15 days.

3.   Fuel = Once you have established a steady routine for about 30 days you can get into making some heavier changes like your diet or increase the intensity of your training. Add one thing and do that for 30 days. Again don’t be in a hurry to keep adding more things.


Here is an important element about fire just like your goals. If you add too much too soon, you suffocate the fire of oxygen causing it to die. The same happens with your goals. Everyone is pumped those first 2 weeks but what happens as life happens. How many times have you started a fitness program full steam ahead and something happens and “You fall off the band wagon”?


Do you really ever “fall off the band wagon” with brushing your teeth or bathing?Are you creating habits that are sustainable? Not really. Why because it is a habit that you have been training your entire life. Focus on the habit approach and there will be no bandwagon to be on. 😉


Lifestyle and daily action is the surest way of success. “Slow and steady wins the race.” I know it’s frustrating when you want it now but always worth it if you commit to doing it.

Be patient, be consistent, be excited.



******SIDE NOTE******

I recently took the kids camping and it was great. The weather cooled down, we had a nice comfortable tent with plenty of space, and best of all we got to explore. I decided that all food would be made over fire.

Dinner: smoked salmon, quinoa with split peas.  Breakfast: 6 eggs & 1 lbs of spinach
Dinner: smoked salmon, quinoa with split peas.
Breakfast: 6 eggs & 1 lbs of spinach


In order to make the fire we had to find the right fuel. Tinder to help get the fire started, kindling to slowly grow the flame, and finally fuel which sustains the fire. Below is a picture after we collected all the wood. Below that picture is a special wood called fatwood. It is wood from a dead pine tree that had all the pine resin collected there. The pine resin is very flammable. It is where we get turpentine from. Enjoy. 🙂





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