November 20


You Have To Write The First Draft


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This has nothing to do with writing a book, yet it has everything to do with it.

Recently I was writing the outline of one of the books I want to write. I have been saying I am going to write a book for a long time and never done it. In fact that is why I started blogging. I thought that if I blogged on a regular basis I would build the habit of writing and as a result it would make writing a book easier.

I started one book last year but made 3 critical mistakes.

First – I judged the work before it was done.

Second – I did not play to my strengths

Third – I stopped.

*Bonus – I didn’t have accountability.

If you have not done so watch the 3:43 video. It will help put things in perspective on how you can use the analogy of writing to help you achieve what you want in your weight loss and fitness goals and more importantly in anything you desire in life.

If you are the cliff note type because 3:43 takes to much time to watch then here it is…

But I must warn you.

You will miss out on my smooth and eloquent delivery of such a fine message. You will miss my voice as it carries through the air penetrating your ear playing the hypnotizing rhythms on your eardrum. If you are willing to miss all that then read below. 😉

As the Great One, Wayne Gretzsky once said, “You miss 100% of the shots you never take.”

Decide what you want in life.

Decide what you want for your health.

Decide what you want to be able to do and START.

Don’t be perfect.

Start creating some momentum. Create your life’s first draft. Embrace the process. Take imperfect action and correct and edit along the way. The truth is no matter how awesome your plan is, it does you no good if you don’t start executing it.

Don’t fall victim to the 3 Critical Mistakes I made. Start today.

Hope you find this helpful.



PS – I want to thank my friend David Altshuler for inspiring me to write this post and for lighting a fire under my butt to get my first book written. He just launched his book, Raising Healthy Kids In An Unhealthy World. I have not read it yet. I am finishing another book but I can assure you he is an expert and you will benefit from reading this book.

He quite the story teller and has a very humorous style of writing. Usually it involves typing from right to left as he reads it from the mirror in his underwear. Joking aside pick up the book if you are a parent or want to be a parent.

Be on the lookout for an interview with him in the future.


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