August 23


Stuck on the Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China can be seen by astronauts from space.
Imagine looking up the 26 foot face of the wall. Then you look left and right only to see the wall slither across the countryside for 5,500 miles.  Your freedom lies on the other side of the wall.
What do you do?
The feeling overwhelm when life keeps piling up and stress weighs you down can feel just as daunting.
Over the past 30 days I took a challenge to make a video everyday to help people overcome any frustrations, obstacles, or questions they had regarding health, mindset, relationships, business, and nutrition.
The 30 days are over and I made 39 videos.
I want to do this for 30 more days and help serve you.
Leave a comment with any frustrations, obstacles, or questions you are having trouble with or want more clarity on.
*I will not use your name and will send you the video when I answer it.
The response to the first 39 videos has been overwhelming. I look forward to helping you on your journey.



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