September 23


I’m a “Later Syndrome” Sufferer

“Daddy can we play Legos?” 
“Daddy can you build something with me?”
“I can’t right now, maybe later.”
“Daddy want to color with me?” 
“Hey Buddy, I’m working right now. Later.”


This is an actual conversation I had with my son.

I started to notice that my conversations were like this daily.

It made me sad.

I realized that what I was doing was not as important as spending time with my kids. I had just become use to the pattern of saying, “later.”

Reflecting, I realize that I have had a similar conversation with myself and so have my clients.

It may sound like this:

“I’ll work out tomorrow.”
Tomorrow comes but I’m too busy. We all have 24 hours but how we choose to prioritize it makes all the difference. Yes, it is a choice.

“I’ll start eating healthy tomorrow.”

Tomorrow comes but I don’t have all the stuff I believe I need to start doing it right. In order to start, does it really need to be perfect?

“I’ll start waking up earlier when I start going to sleep earlier.”

I keep trying to get to bed but I just lay there. I can’t fall asleep.

“I’ll feel good about myself when I lose 21 lbs.”

When I lose 21 lbs, I feel like I need to lose another 13 lbs. Your value is not determined by what you do but who you are. You are worth it, you always were.


When you participate in the “Later Syndrome” or in the “Tomorrow Takedown” the person you are cheating is yourself. You are cheating yourself of a rich, connected present. You are cheating yourself of a magical moment with your kids. You are cheating yourself of regaining control of your actions, of your time, and of your future.

You deserve a present time that is rich, connected, magical, and empowered.

Do you want it?




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