September 24


Later Syndrome Strategy

Yesterday I sent out an email regarding “Later Syndrome” and “Tomorrow Takedown”.

Today I wanted to share a simple strategy I found to be useful to break the “Later Syndrome” or the “Tomorrow Takedown”.

I call it the “Finite Focus” countdown timer. 

When my kids asks to play with me, I ask myself, “Does what I am doing now have to be done now?”


Then I let them know how long it will take me to complete. I then set the Finite Focus countdown timer (the oven timer) and tell them when it beeps we can play.

It helps me stay focused on my task so I am more efficient. Regardless whether I am done or not, when that timer beeps I stop and play. My kids look forward to it as do I.

If NO:

I set the timer for 30 minutes, an hour, or however long I want to play with them. I tell him that when the timer beeps daddy has to go back to work.

You can apply a similar strategy with your conversations with yourself to stay present and productive with your time.

Chunk tasks into 20-60 minute blocks. Then take a break for 10-20 minutes. Working in these intervals have been proven to help you become more productive and get more accomplished while leaving you more energized.




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