As a young competitive dancer, Kira sustained several injuries such as: groin strains, wrist strains, major bruises, and a fractured foot (dancer’s fracture). With all these injuries, she continued to dance through them because she didn’t want to complain and have to stop dancing. This led her to decide to figure out how to prevent getting injured and how to rehabilitate those with injuries.

Kira doesn’t like to have to sit out of activities due to an injury, so she wants to prevent them before they occur, like a hamstring or ankle strains, by strengthening surrounding muscles and teaching proper movement mechanics. Kira thought, “I want to learn all about injuries so I can teach people and help them fix the injuries and answer the why’s, like why did this happen?” She loves researching this for others as it gives her a feeling of accomplishment to be able to help them. When people understand the whys and how’s, they are more likely to follow the given protocol and heal faster. A lot of people have pains, which causes a lack of focus with tasks at work, with family, with friends, etc. They can’t hang out and have fun at social gatherings or perform their activities of daily living. Kira’s mission is to change that so that people can participate in the activities that they need to and want to.

Kira has always loved to work out and valued making sure she was doing it right. She believes it is easy to get complacent so she likes to change it up for mental sharpness. Kira loves learning and applying what she learns, especially progressions and regressions of exercises, to personalize her clients’ needs. For Kira, prevention of injury is her number one priority so she always focuses on correcting form and improving body mobility. Her long-term goal is to work with student athletes to improve overall fitness and increase sports performance.

Kira is a University of Miami 2019 graduate with a Master of Science in Education degree in Exercise Physiology: Strength and Conditioning. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training at Duquesne University in 2018. She is a Licensed Athletic Trainer [LAT] in the state of Florida, a Board Certified Athletic Trainer [ATC], and is a National Strength and Conditioning Association [NSCA] Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist [CSCS]. During her years at Duquesne University, Kira worked at a Chiropractic clinic and assisted patients, young and old, through rehabilitation programs to improve flexibility, balance, and core strength. Improving flexibility and mobility of the body is a core value for Kira and as an Athletic Trainer/Exercise Physiologist, she puts an emphasis on stretching post-workout every session for all the members at Cruz Country Fitness and Physical Therapy.