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The Pain Profile Analysis call is designed to provide more clarity and direction to help you get out of pain and move with confidence again.

You can expect the following:

  • Uncover your chronic pain blind spot
  • Identify & overcome the biggest obstacles stopping your pain-free life
  • Create the roadmap to eliminate & prevent chronic pain

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" I came in with lower back pain after doing jiujitsu. I couldn't bend, twist, or sit without shooting electricity down my leg and into my groin. In less than 30 minutes Armando figured out what was going on, had me do some neurological drills and movements, and poof... It was GONE. 

It is crazy because he didn't even put his hands on me. 

This feels like magic.

Now I can bend, twist and sit without pain or electricity shooting down my leg and groin!

Armando is doing things noone else is. That is why he able to get results no one else is getting.

I would highly recommend him if you have pain."

Gabe M. (Attorney)