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Armando Cruz

Feel free in your body.

Hi, my name is Armando Cruz and I along with my wife Christian created the Cruz Country Fitness & Physical Therapy Group Experience, a holistic and comprehensive health, exercise and movement-based program to help you live a happier, healthier, more abundant life.

I know some people would prefer to just read the information (like my wife) so I am including some highlights below so you can see if this is a good fit for you.

First, what the Group Experience is NOT...

  • This is NOT a fad diet.
  • This is NOT a quick weight loss program.
  • This is NOT a boot camp class.
  • This is NOT Crossfit or Orange Theory.
  • This is NOT a pyramid scheme trying to sell you a whole bunch of supplements.

So, what is the Group Experience?

The Group Experience is a group health and fitness training program that focuses on safety, support, collaboration and pain-free results. In creating the Group Experience, Armando and Christian have taken principles and practices from physical therapy, exercise physiology and personal training and combined them into the only group program of its kind. This unique combination allows for maximum safety, minimum risk of injury and pain-free, longer lasting results.

If you have ever been injured, or had joint pain from exercise or if you have medical conditions which have prevented you from joining a group fitness program or class then this is made for you. Perhaps you recently went through physical therapy and now want to incorporate exercise into your life but are afraid of getting hurt or you feel intimidated and want expert guidance, then the Group Experience is made for you.

To maximize results and minimize burning out, the Group Experience uses an undulating periodization model of training. Each training phase builds on the previous phase and right before plateau a new phase begins. Each person is assessed for movement mechanics, pain, injuries and current limitations before joining so that the instructors may personally adapt any exercises or training sessions to best benefit each individual’s goals and reduce risk of injury or pain. Each training phase as well as recovery phase is carefully designed by a team of exercise physiologists, athletic trainers and a physical therapist to ensure maximum results with minimum risk.

When you join the Group Experience you have a very committed, highly educated and experienced team of health and fitness professionals that work together as a team to ensure your safety and success.

Group Experience is for you IF...

  • You are looking for a holistic and comprehensive approach to health and fitness.
  • You are looking for long term sustainable results.
  • You are looking for a non-threatening environment with professionals that genuinely care for you.
  • You are looking for professionals who are here to help you, not judge you.
  • You are looking for a family-friendly environment.
  • You are injured or have been injured in the past and want to get better. 
  • You are looking to really understand your health, your fitness, and your body.
  • You want to reduce or prevent pain.

My 40th birthday was approaching and I knew it was now or never to take charge of my health. Calling Armando at Cruz Country Fitness & Physical Therapy was one the best decisions I’ve ever made. He took the intimidation factor out of working out. Everyone here makes you feel welcome and encourages you. I'm not at my goal yet, but I have dropped 40 lbs so far. I have no doubt I’ll reach it soon! Thank you Armando!!

Tammy K.

At 72 years old since beginning the Group Experience I’ve gotten stronger and more flexible. The group members and staff are supportive. There are so many different ability types that you always have someone to inspire you. I would definitely recommend anyone  looking to improve their health in a safe and supportive environment to try out the Group Experience.

Dar A.

I just wanted to say thanks for having changed my like in such a positive way. I really appreciate all your encouragement throughout my time at the bootcamp and body transformation…I have tried other workout programs and gyms, and nothing compares to everything you guys offer. It really is like a family, and you guys really care.

Yenny C.

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On the first day, we will assess your medical and fitness history, any pains or injuries you have, your joints, flexibility, balance, strength and your goals to see where the safest and most logical point for you to begin your journey is. If you have any injuries, pains or restrictions we will personalize any adaptations you need and come up with the best course of action for your goals. After your assessment and roadmap you will be able to experience our unique Group Experience training for one week.

Immersive assessment, Orientation and Personalized Roadmap value: $159
1-Week Unlimited Group Experience Trial value: $79
Total Value: $238

Limited Offer: 80% savings — $47

Here's the process...

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On your assessment date and time you will come in 10 minutes early to fill out your paperwork so you are ready for the hands on assessment at your scheduled time. 

After your assessment you and your coach will decide on a start date for you to begin training. 

Experience the difference in approach and attention to detail that the Group Experience has to offer. 

After your trial is over, if it is a good fit for you, we will extend an invitation to join the Group Experience as committed member in this comprehensive program. 


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