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Christian Cruz

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Over the past 17 years, Armando and Christian Cruz have seen many men and women that feel like they are being held hostage by their bodies due to pain or health issues that no one seems to understand or be able to help with.

They have helped clients like Melissa, a busy paralegal that had extreme calf pain every time she'd attempt to run. She had seen multiple doctors, gotten MRI scans, seen physical therapists, gotten countless massages and even tried acupuncture—with no relief. After years of this pain, she came to us and using our unique Suffering to Unstoppable system, we eliminated her pain in less than two weeks and she is now back to working out and running regularly and is able to live life more enjoyably without pain.

They've also helped a virtual client, Fabiana. She was six-months pregnant and had severe debilitating back pain which prevented her from going to work and taking care of her preschool-aged son. She had seen the doctor, a physical therapist, massage therapist and even tried yoga and they all told her she just had to deal with it. There was nothing they could do for her because she was pregnant. She was told she would have to wait until after the baby was born to then work on getting rid of her back pain. She began working with us and after 4 sessions of virtual coaching using our Suffering to Unstoppable system, her pain was gone.  In fact, after she got rid of her pain and suffering, we began coaching her to become unstoppable through our from Suffering to Unstoppable system. She was able to return to exercise, work, take care of her son, prepare for the new baby all while moving to a new home and all without back pain.  In fact, after she delivered her baby, she let us know that she had the birth of her dreams, completely natural, feeling in control and understanding of her body and how to interpret her pain and take the proper actions so she didn't need pain meds unlike her first birth experience which she had described as a bit traumatic from the pain. She is now raising her two sons with her husband while working and running two small businesses.

Who is this for? 

The Integrated Health & Fitness Coaching program was created for busy men and women that want a safe, predictable system that they can follow to help them eliminate pain, increase energy, address their health issues and no longer feel hostage to their body so that they can get back to doing what they love.

We do this in 3 simple steps:

Step 1

We set up a FREE 45-minute phone consultation to give you an opportunity to tell us what it is you are looking to move away from or move towards. On this call, we will ask you questions to gain clarity and  a deeper understanding of your goals and challenges.

Step 2

Once we get a comprehensive understanding of your unique situation, we will give you our professional recommendation as well as give you an opportunity to ask us any questions you may have.

Step 3

If we both decide it will be a good fit, then we will schedule the date of your initial assessment. This assessment is designed to get your exact starting point, details on what's actually causing your issues, and lay out a step-by-step plan to address it efficiently and effectively.

The "Suffering to Unstoppable" System

Our "Suffering to Unstoppable" System (STU System) is based on the 6 Components of Optimal Health and Pain Elimination (Oxygenation, Hydration, Nutrition, Activation, Relaxation, Emotion). The STU System uses a principled based approach of problem solving to ensure predictable and long-lasting results. 

Let me give you and example of this. Above we spoke about Melissa with the severe calf pain. Most approaches she tried were centered around massaging or working directly on her calves. The problem with that approach was that her calves weren't the actual problem. They were just where the problem manifested. As we guided her through the STU System, our assessment evaluated her 6 Components of Optimal Health and Pain Elimination. We found that she was really out of balance with her oxygenation and emotions. The second we addressed her oxygenation and emotion components, the body no longer felt the need to communicate with her through pain. The interesting thing is we never even touched her calves in the treatment. I share this because...

If you want to break the cycle of pain,
If you want to understand what is going with your body,
If you want to return to doing the things you love pain free,
You must be willing to do something you haven't done up to now.
That something for you may be our Suffering to Unstoppable system,
But only if you are willing to look at your problem from a different angle and
Be willing to try a different approach.

Albert Einstein is credited with saying that the "definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results."  If you look at a cylinder head on, you will see a circle, if you look at it from the side, you will see a rectangle. Only by looking at it from different angles will you be able to see its true shape.  We do things differently and we look at your unique situation from different angles to give you the attention and service you deserve.

The STU System in action!

As a nurse anesthetist, for the last 8.5 years I’ve been suffering with neck and shoulder pain. I’ve tried massages, personal training, trigger shot injections, and while they have helped temporarily, the pain was still there. At Christian Cruz’s Unstoppable You: Understand and Eliminate Chronic Neck and Shoulder Pain event, I learned that I had been treating the symptoms and not the root cause of my pain. Not only do I have a clear understanding as to the root cause of my pain but also by applying just two of the things I learned, my pain has been eliminated and even better, I finally know how to prevent it from reoccurring! I am definitely going to invite my friends who have chronic pain to her next event!

Nurse Anesthetist

When I first started seeing Christian, I had been suffering from recurring shoulder pain. The exercises she recommended have completely eliminated any shoulder discomfort. For the past year, I have not had any shoulder pain. Thank you Christian, it is a pleasure to know you and have learned so much from you!

Mother of Two

I suffered from left lower back pain, after going through Christian’s seminar I decreased my back pain and increased my range very quickly. I feel I have a better understanding of how my body works and how to apply these principles for my clients and myself. I highly recommend Christian and the work she does.

Personal Trainer

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