We're hiring Athletic Trainers or Exercise Physiologists to teach our Group Experience training sessions!

Is this you?

Are you eager and ready to apply your degree, knowledge and skills to help transform clients' lives to be more functional, healthy, fit and fulfilling?

Have you been looking for a position where your degree and experience is valued and makes a difference?

Would you like to be part of a team of professionals who are constantly learning and contributing to each other's and the client's growth?

We're looking to hire 1-2 exercise physiologists or athletic trainers to join our Group Experience team of coaches. Our Group Experience clients are professional men and women in the age range of 36-78 years with most being in their 60's.

This will be a very rewarding job for you if you are looking for growth and learning and in being part of a family that is committed to leaving a legacy of health, healing, possibility and contribution.

Job Description

  • To design and teach safe, effective, exciting, professional, and well-organized Group Experience training sessions.
  • To ensure the clients are enjoying their workouts and are achieving their goals.
  • To instruct, monitor and motivate on a personalized level individuals in groups of 5-25 people at a time. Our coaches get to know each member’s health and fitness needs and give alternative exercises to clients if needed, and to accommodate for any previous injuries or current fitness levels.
  • You must value continuing education, teaching, be observant, have great listening and people skills, and really love what you do. You must value safety, proper form and periodized programming.


  • A Minimum Of 1 Year Experience (over 2 years is a plus)
  • National Certification
  • CPR certified
  • Degree in field preferable
  • Proactive and have good intuition
  • Positive and Motivating
  • Punctual and Dependable
  • Attentive to client needs
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Excellent verbal skills
  • Excellent work ethic
  • Values in house training and development
  • Sales experience is a plus
  • Professional and discreet
  • English/Spanish speaker a plus
  • Able to multi-task

Details of the Job

  • Starting pay is $25 per training session. We believe in performance pay so as the business grows so can your role and your pay. We want someone who wants to be part of our team to grow and have a bigger impact in this community. 
  • Benefits: Cruz Country in-house ongoing education and training plus some discounts and/or complete access to programs and events hosted by Cruz Country Fitness & Physical Therapy. 
  • You need to be able to work early mornings and evenings, events, and some weekends. We have been located in South Miami with a built-in clientele for over 12 years.
  • If you're interested, complete the steps below to get the application process started!

Think you'd be a great fit?
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Step 1.

What are some character traits that an exercise professional should possess?

Step 2.

What were the last two books you read or courses you took?

Step 3.

Take the Free DISC personality profile test here.

Step 4.

Type your answers to Steps 1-3 in an email. Attach your resume as a PDF and send it to us at cruzcountry@gmail.com

Use subject line: (your name) Fitness Professional

I look forward to meeting you soon. Cheers to making a difference!

Christian Cruz, MS, EP-C
Co-owner, Cruz Country

Speaker, Educator, Coach, Chronic Pain Exercise Physiologist and Co-Creator of the Cruz Country Group Experience