Upside Down, Inside Out

Yesterday I had the privilege of going to a 3 hour acro-yoga workshop with my wife. If you are not familiar with acro-yoga, it is a physical partner practice that blends yoga, acrobatics, and thai massage. This workshop was filled with season yogis. Now bare in mind my wife have each done yoga maybe 1-2x’s in our life. I thought it would be a good way to spend time with my wife and learn something new.

First let me say that we each enjoyed it but I believe we enjoyed it more because we got to spend more time together and connect in a new way.


5 Lessons I Learned from Acro-Yoga

1.  Acro-yoga and relationships only work if there is communication

2.  In acro-yoga the better your body awareness the better you move. Some rings true for our daily lives. Know your body.

3.  Breathing is the base of any yoga practice. Apart from the obvious focusing on our breath is important to help you focus, relax, and be powerful.

4.  Sometimes life feels as if it is holding us upside down. In acro-yoga being upside down is a position to relax. When life hangs you upside down, take that time to relax and refocus before moving on.

5.  Try something new. Sharing a new experience with your significant other opens the doors to new possibilities.

Below I posted a promo video of Dice & Briohny our instructors for the workshop.
*Briohny was 5 months pregnant during our workshop and she could still do what you see in this video, impressive.

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