December 5


Getting Rid of Eeyore

The other day I was watching Winnie-the-Pooh with my son and daughter. There was a scene that I wanted to share with you.
Eeyore was sad because he had lost his tail. Winnie-the-Pooh had been starving the entire show so he decided to go to owls house and ask for honey. Only when he got there he sees Eeyore’s tail.
 He declines the honey (and puts his needs on the back burner) because he feels compelled to bring back Eeyore’s tail.
They put Eeyore’s tail back and Rabbit asks him, “Eeyore are you happy now?” Eeyore’s reply, “No, I am not happy but I am glad I have my tail back.”


Do you have an Eeyore in your life?

An Eeyore is person that no matter what, they choose to be unhappy, chooses to look at everything wrong with their life.

Time for some reflection.

No matter what you do for Eeyore it will never be good enough. Circumstances have very little to do with happiness. Happiness is not a place, it is not a thing, it is a choice. Unless you choose to be happy you will not be happy.

Choose today.

Be happy.

Life is too short not to.



PS – Watch this video and the message of this 11 year old. (Click Here)

11 y:o schoolhacking





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