11 Lessons My Father Taught Me

With Father’s Day being yesterday I wanted to share some great lessons my father taught me.

I have mentioned it before but my father is my best friend and I love him with all me heart. He has taught me so much and continues to push the boundaries of what is possible. He is always coming up with new challenges, projects, and perspectives. There is always something he teaches me. The interesting thing is that I get more by what he does and the processes he goes through then him actually instructing me formally. I hope my kids get to learn a lot from him also.

As a father I hope to be able to share with my kids some of these core values my father shared with me.


11 Lessons My Father Taught Me:

(I feel blessed to have such great parents. I know not everyone is as fortunate.)

1.     Be yourself

2.     Be a gentleman (say please and thank you, open the door for a lady, smile…)

3.     Be honest

4.     A situation is neither good nor bad it is what you make it. (Why not make the best of it?)

5.     A life well lived is determined by the experiences and relationships you create. (An investment here yields great returns)

6.     When you treat life like an adventure you wake up excited to see what the day brings. Go explore and have fun.

7.     Do what you love and love what you do.

8.     Talk is cheap. Show me don’t tell me.

9.     Family first. Love and serve your family.

10.   Excellence is not a suggestion. This is not about being the best but being and putting the best effort you have on that day.

11.    Don’t miss out on life because you trying to live it. Said differently, take a step back and enjoy life. Often we corner ourselves into things we are doing and can’t see past that. Get altitude with your perspective to appreciate all that is around you.


I have found these lessons to be very instrumental in my life. They provide a compass to help guide me to contribute, innovate, and enjoy a fulfilled life.


PS – Throwback picture of my family growing up. I am the “husky” kid on the left.  🙂










4 responses to “11 Lessons My Father Taught Me”

  1. Mom Avatar

    You are correct, we are blessed to have your father in our lives. The picture brings back lots of wonderful memories.

    1. admin Avatar

      Hi Mom indeed we are blessed. Love you so much <3

  2. Rick Fernandez Avatar
    Rick Fernandez

    I see where you and your brother get your family, and moral values that I admire so much. It’s the job of a good father figure to instill these values in their children. Not just by words, but mainly with their actions. The article on Mr Goldstein is fantastic. Next time I see him I will definately congratulate him. Keep up the good work you were called to do.There is no work that we can do here on earth as important as helping people. May God continue to bless you and yours.

    1. admin Avatar

      Rick thank you for the kind words. I agree with you. It is our responsibility to lead by example for our kids.

      I am sure Mr. Goldstein would appreciate it if congratulate him. He works very hard and is deeply committed to excellence.

      I appreciate you and your spirit. You are a ray of light in any room you enter. Your grandson is blessed to have such a cool and great grandpa that can show him what the definition of a true man is.


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