BE Time: Your Time For A Better, Happier YOU.


I want to set the stage with this one question:

Do you practice BE time?

This morning I read a quote from the book “The Power of Full Engagement” by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz.


“Sounds become music in the spaces between notes, just as words are created by the spaces between letters. It’s in the spaces between work that love, friendship, depth, and dimension are nurtured. Without time for recovery, our lives become a blur of doing unbalanced by much opportunity for being.”


This statement is so important that it could literally change your life if you apply it. Below are some differences between the two.


BEing : DOing

patient : hectic
listening : talking
stillness : chaos
present : distracted
heart focused : task focused


Why is it easier to DO?

It is easier to quantify doing than it is being. In a society that is so fast paced where working is worshiped and confused with productive we don’t often make time for ourselves and reflecting. I am not one to talk considering my sleep or lack of sleep schedule. I can share from experience when I have me time life is more productive and more enjoyable.

I’ve shared in the past how working out more specifically running is my ME time or BE time. It gives me an opportunity to empty my mind’s cup to allow more space to absorb all the riches the day has to offer.  I make sure that I do my workouts first thing in the morning so that it sets my day just right. But…


What is plan Plan B?

Invariably I am going to wake up too exhausted and can’t work out (it happens more than I’d like to admit). 🙁

What do I do then? Plan B

Yes having a back up as success and fulfillment are important. I journal or meditate for 5-7 minutes. I know that 5 minutes doesn’t seem like much but when you are quiet and listen, without judging your thoughts and yourself, you start improving your relationship with yourself. At first you may not feel it. Like anything worth doing well, it needs to be practiced. We are so use to doing/talking/being distracted from our true self that initially it is difficult. In fact for me it was scary. I had been running away from ME that I didn’t know how to act around myself.

The greatest relationship you must first master is with yourself. If you cannot love, talk, communicate congruently with yourself then how can you genuinely do it with others. You can’t. You can’t because you are not truly giving yourself to your other relationships. Like with any relationship listening is the keystone to success. As the old saying goes, “God gave you 2 ears and 1 mouth, use them proportionally.”


Now What?

Set some BE time. Rekindle that love for your true and beautiful self.  Set time for you, where you are not doing but listening, being, accepting of yourself without judgement. Put away the infamous “To Do” Lists and take time to listen.


Ladies Only…

My wife and I have been talking about this lately and she decided she wanted to do something specific for the ladies (no pressure for me huh).  😉

Women try to balance work life, home life, and societies expectations of what a woman should do. This is sometimes threatening and exhausting. In fact talking to my wife she explains it’s like feeling trapped, even hopeless as thing mount up. There never seems like there is enough time to do it all, let alone have time for herself.
She wanted to do something special and specific for women so she created the Look, Feel, Be Great Movement for women, an event that takes place Saturday, September 21, 2013.

Here is an event for Women to take time for themselves, to RECHARGE, to get to know and CONNECT with like-minded women, and leave EMPOWERED to Look, Feel, and Be Great!
If you are interested please click here for more information –>




PS – Gentlemen if you have a girl friend, a spouse, or female friend that would benefit from this please share this link with them Thanks.






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