How do you know when you are successful?


Finish this sentence: “I am successful when…”

Success looks, feels, smells, tastes, and sounds different for everyone. So how do you know when you are successful?

The video above is almost 1 year old but timeless.

Look how small Amelie is; time flies!

I have a quick story that illustrates the power of this particular sentence stem and the perspective it can give you.

Recently I had a coaching client that was frustrated because she felt that her clients did not appreciate all that she does for them. She had invested lots of energy in making their experience great yet no one shared appreciation like she wanted. After she relayed the story to me I asked her the following question. “Have you ever told them what makes you feel successful?”

She looked quizzically at me so I said it differently, “Do your clients know what you want from them? Do they know what makes you feel good?”

“No, I have never told them.” she answered.

2 Revelations from this Story:

1st – Share what makes you feel successful with as many people as possible. My belief is that people are inherently good. Everyone knows how good it feels to be appreciated. On the flip side they also know how crummy it feels to be unappreciated. By letting others know how to make you feel good then you improve the chances of it happening.

When I originally sent out this video I shared some of the things that make me feel successful. Here are some real examples, I feel successful when I get text messages, emails, and comments on the blog  from you all about how I have been able to help you and your thoughts. It let’s me know that the effort and love I put into writing has been read and actually helped someone. My goal is to help at least one person with everything I write.

Since I shared this I have gotten more text messages and emails which I greatly appreciate. Thank you, it definitely makes my day and puts a smile on my face. 🙂

2ndIf your success depends on other peoples results then you will be very unhappy. If your only measure of success is based on other peoples responses then you are essentially relinquishing your power and are at the mercy of others action. I share with my coaching clients the importance of having an intrinsic success plan that serves you. Things you control. Above I shared things that are predicated on others responses but I also have my internal success plan that puts me in control of my success. Such as when I take time to workout daily, it makes me feel successful. When I write my goals daily, I feel successful. When I spend quality time with my wife, I feel successful.

Create games in your life that you can win on many different levels. Most people create games with rules that don’t allow them to consistently win. They create games that only allow for success when all the stars align. It is not fun playing games that you always lose.

I would love to hear what makes you feel successful in the comment section below.

Start it by saying, “I am successful when…”

Hope enjoyed this post. Look forward to your comments.

(Remember one of the biggest compliments you can pay me is a comment and engagement here on the blog).



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