Car Crashes Into Light Pole

A car cuts you off in the highway and you are headed towards a light pole.

What do you do?

More importantly, where do you look?

A few years back I worked with an Indy race car driver. These athletes have a level of precision driving that seems miraculous.

I asked him how he was able to avoid so many crashes and get so close to the cars at such high speeds?

My client shared a little secret that will completely change your scenario below and transform your life.

Your car is headed towards a light pole. Where do you look? Most of us look at the light pole. We look where we don’t want to go. (A big No-No.)

This is the same pattern that I see many of my clients fall in to when trying to make a change in their health and in their life. They focus on the things that they don’t want.

My client said the secret to avoiding the crash is to look where you want to go. Let me repeat that, You must look where you want to go!

Said differently, “Where your attention goes, your actions follow.”

If you are having trouble making the changes you want in your life, Stop staring at the light pole and focus on where you want to go instead.

Remember, “where your attention goes, your actions follow.”

Happy Wednesday.



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