This 7 Word Sentence Transforms!

A simple seven word sentence that transformed my relationships.

“Attention is the deep watermark of love.”

The first time I heard this statement I was seated in a dark room with 27 other fathers listening to a gentlemen called Bob Linfors. We had all invested our Saturday to attend a fatherhood retreat to become better fathers.

At the time I just wrote it down because something about that statement really spoke to me.

After reflecting on it I want to share my thoughts on this powerful statement and how it has transformed my relationships.

When I say relationships I am talking about my relationship with myself, my relationship with my spouse and kids, my relationship with food, with exercise, and with fun.

Let’s start by defining the components of this statement.

Attention is the action dealing with or taking special care of something or someone. Attention is something you do, it is a conscious action, one in which you have control over.

Watermark is a faint design made in some paper during manufacture, which is visible when held against the light and typically identifies the maker. A watermark identifies the owner, the maker, the person responsible for the product produced.

Love is an intense feeling of deep affection. To be loved is one of our most primal instincts.

If we reconstruct this statement it could be: “Taking a conscious, specific action to show you care for someone is the greatest sign that you feel a deep affection towards them.”

What do your actions say to your spouse, to your kids? Do they show love? Do they build them up or tear them down?

What do your actions say to you? Do you show yourself love? Do your actions build you up or tear you down?

This can be applied to your health, to your nutrition, to your work, and anything you wish to grow a deeper connection and affection for and with.

“Attention is the deep watermark of love.”

How can this powerful phrase be applied in your life to cultivate rich relationships? Email me. Really interested in your perspective.



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