The Dance

I recently watched a breathtaking video of a man and a women dancing on the side of a building while suspended by a rope. 
Their movements were graceful, fun, and inspiring. It got me thinking about perspective.

What is your perspective on health?

Is it serving you so you achieve what you want?

If not, I would encourage to take a look at the video at the end of this short post. The video shows different perspectives of them dancing. Each view makes you feel completely different. The first person view was very intimate and scary. The worms eye view (looking up) felt magical and utterly miraculous.

I did an assessment on a new client. She was frustrated with her weight and hated the way she looked. She tried dieting, she tried exercising, she tried pills and they all worked for a while but when she started plateauing she would get frustrated and stop.

She felt she had a problem with motivation or with commitment. After asking her very specific questions she discovered she had all the motivation and commitment she needed. She realized that her perspective was not serving her.

She began her journey of health and fitness with feelings of poor self-worth and shame. The most important step she took was shifting her perspective to loving herself and realizing that she has always been worthy. With tears in her eyes she confidently said, “Now, I feel like I have the permission to love myself with no one judging me. I am so f*ckin’ worthy.”

[pullquote align=”normal”]“Now, I feel like I have the permission to love myself with no one judging me. I am so f*ckin’ worthy.” [/pullquote]

Do you feel overwhelmed, scared, or frustrated with the way you are approaching your health and fitness or the results you are getting?

What would happen if you looked up and changed your perspective so that what you are creating is a magical dance that expresses the very being of what you want to become?

Greatness has always been with you. Give yourself permission to accept and perspective to discover it. Or as my client said, “You’re so f*ckin’ worthy!”

Enjoy the video to see the power of perspective.









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