Now she is pain free

Welcome to the Friday Lunch Special.

On the menu we have an amazing reflection and a heck of a testimonial. (See below)

First let me share my Friday reflection. It comes from author Matthew Kelly.

“To make great choices, you must first become very clear about why you are making them.”

This goes for every area of our life.

Having a clear and powerful “why” is like a great big magnet… You are drawn to it.

Perhaps you’ve experienced forcing yourself to do something “that is healthy” but… you have no connection to it.

You have no clarity why it is a must for you and your life.

This becomes unsustainable.

After a few weeks you end up stopping it.

If you want long-term results you need actions that are sustainable long-term.

Where in your life do you feel like you need more clarity so you make better choices?

If you are having trouble figuring this out, comment below and I’ll be happy to help you absolutely FREE.

Let me now share Eli’s testimonial. If you or someone you love is suffering from sciatic pain, this could be you…

I found that i could not get rid of my sciatic and leg pain on my own for over a year. I hate taking pills. Accidentally i reconnected with Armando Cruz who was in my contacts from meeting about 10 years ago. We met to do an assessment and then a second visit. With detailed training of exercises to do at home my pains are quickly disappearing. A few more visits and ill be good as new, yay!NO PILLS… just “brain rewiring to the body”. His patience, ability to listen and interpret to a solution is spot on!

If sciatic pain has been stopping you, we should speak on the phone.

That is how Eli started and now she is pain-free.

Comment below and let me know about what is going on with you.








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