Life – Are you living it?

Are you really living life?

Think about how you spend your days and time.

Who do you spend most of your time with?

Who would you like to spend more time with?

Watch the video below.  Zach Sobiech’s story will give you a great appreciation of what is possible when you approach life with an abundance of love, joy, compassion, purpose, and excellence.

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This video made me angry…

After I stopped crying (yes I’m a crier) I was met with two very different emotions – anger and happiness.

I was angry because here was great, positive person that lost his life early. But I was filled with happiness because of the legacy and the message he left.

It goes to show that it’s not how long you live but how you live your life that truly matters.


3 Things Zach Sobeich Reminded Me Of:

1.   Life is short so don’t wait until tomorrow. Today is a perfect day to start.

It’s cliche already, carpe diem – seize the day, but how many of us truly seize the day? I know I don’t. It’s easy to get distracted with everyday life. But that is just it. I often find myself getting distracted with meaningless things instead of filling my day with the things and people that matter.

2.   Have a story worth sharing.

What is your story, your message? This is really important to me. I want to be remembered as someone who positively changed peoples lives, as a great father, son and husband. I want to be remembered for practicing what I preached. I want to be remembered for my love, dedication, and being a genuine person. How about you, what’s your story?

3.   The way you make people feel is more important than what you do.

It becomes quite apparent how his family and friends feel about him. He was a special person that really tapped into the genuineness of each person in his life. Maya Angelou has a great quote, “People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did, but people will never forget the way you made them feel.” This story is a great example of this. I know I have several of those people in my life and lost some too. One that I lost, is my good friend 2nd Lt. Michael Paul Felsberg.


Now what?

Like anything in life, you will get what you put into it.

If you do something today to make your life a little better, make your relationships a little bit healthier, and your dreams a little bit clearer then you will see improvement. But most people prefer to just think about it. The truth is change is scary, it’s uncomfortable, and it’s awkward. I can promise that if you take the steps to living more fulfilled, with purpose and truly appreciating life, the good and bad, you will live life more fully.


Decide today and take one step closer to a life genuinely fulfilled.










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