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One Penny To Success


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Could a penny be the key to success?

In Jeff Olson’s book “The Slight Edge” he shares the power of a penny. He shares a story of 2 brothers that are given the choice by their dying father of having 1 million dollars cash or having 1 penny double every day for 30 days. The first son takes the 1 million up front and starts investing it while the other takes the penny and lets it double daily for 30 days. At the end of the 30 days the first son improved his fortune some but the second son who took advantage compounding interest had over 10 million dollars.

I know those are amazing returns and that compounding interest is not that clear cut but this really has nothing to do with finances though it can teach you a lot. The reason I am sharing this is because I want you to think of the habits you are doing on a daily basis that over time will add up.

Did you know that by day 21 the second brother only had $83,866.08?


What are the pennies in your life?

As I mentioned this has nothing to do with easy money but more about doing the little things. Those things that are easy to do but just as easy not to do. Jeff contends that the successful people do those little things on a daily basis that add up over time. In fact he talks about integrity as the things you do even when no one is watching.

Think of it like this.

What if you skipped dessert and ate a salad tonight; would it make a difference in the way you looked?

Probably not.

What if you did it for 365 days straight?

I believe you would notice a big difference. The key to The Slight Edge is doing those little things daily, consistently, with a good attitude.


Baseball analogy:

In the game of life who do you think will be successful in the long run. The person swinging for the stands with each swing or the guy that consistently gets the hits?

Statistics shows that many of the greatest home run hitters also struck out the most. While I am a big believer in going big and reaching for the stars I see the value of the little steps.  Keep the big vision but take the steps to get there. Don’t just go for the quantum leaps. I have seen it in my life and the lives of the my most successful clients who have stuck with the lifestyle. The body is a great adapter but if the jump or the stimulus is too big it has no time to adapt. That is why 1-step at a time will always beat out the home-run.


Here is a statement that I recently wrote in my journal after reading this book:

“I will become an overnight success in five years with the habits of today.”


I wrote this for 2 reasons. First, to give me vision of the future and second, to give me patience. I find myself wanting results instantaneously. This statement helps me stay focused. It may not work for you but find something that does.

I also set up 3 actions I will take for the remainder of this year to help establish successful habits in different parts of my life.

1.)   I will read at least 10 pages from a good book daily. (mind)

–   This will help me read about 10 good books in one year. Think of all the mind expanding knowledge you can gain by doing this. Personal growth is a very strong core value of mine and I know the better I become the better I can serve others.

2.)   I will workout at least 10 minutes daily. (health)

–   I am notorious for picking up and doing some monstrous workouts then not doing anything for several days, weeks, or months. This is a way of keeping me accountable and maintaining momentum, strength and keeping me accountable. Also movement crucial for a productive mind.

3.)   I will make at least 5 calls to new prospects or current clients daily. (business)

–   I am committed to growing my business and helping as many people as possible. Making these calls will allow me to stay accountable to my vision helping as many people as possible.  Plus I get to meet more cool people looking to reaching the greatest and grandest versions of themselves.


Action Step:

What 3 little actions can you take daily that can help you become an “overnight success” in five years?

I’d love for you to share your thoughts and a daily task you will commit to do for the rest of the year.











3 Are you playing a losing game? (Part 1)

As you know I have been a little quiet over the past few weeks via email, facebook, twitter, youtube, and texting. Unfortunately my computer crashed and it sent me into a spiral of unproductivity and frustration.

Yes, you read right. I am not perfect or superhuman. In fact what most people don’t see is how much I fail. My wife can attest to this as she has been there for most of them. Failing is not bad, in fact I believe failure is an indicator of progress towards success. I’m working on a special post titled “Failure is Progress” (Post coming soon).

This post is about identifying what kind of game you are playing in your life. And how to create a game worth playing.


Are you playing a losing game?

What if I told you we were going to play a basketball game. The rules are that you would be the only person on your team versus the entire Miami Heat team. Oh, and you can’t use your hands.

How successful do you think you would be at winning or succeeding?

Not very.

Yet while this may seem like a ridiculous scenario, many of us set up rules and parameters in our life that wont allow us to win unless the stars align and a miracle happens.

Hope propagates drive.

If you take away hope, if you take away the possibility of winning you will find you will quickly stop playing that game. This is one of the reasons why many people yo-yo diet, and have difficulty maintaining with their weight loss and fitness goals. The rules they set for themselves are not sustainable and lead to frustration, fatigue, and lack of motivation. After a while they are looking for the next game to play. One that they hope they can succeed at.


The Game

I will be successful when I workout hard everyday, lose 30 pounds, and eat perfect everyday.

Normally I would just share my analysis with you but what I have learned is that each of us have the answers. We inherently know know why we do things but often just need time to think about it.  So before I go on and share my thoughts in part 2 of this series, I would love your thoughts.


Do you think this is a losing game? Why or Why not?

Leave you response below in the comments section.







2 You are more beautiful

Watch the video below.

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You are more beautiful than you think.

Watching this video made me tear up (yes, I am a crier).

Here is why…

Every day I meet the most amazing people, the most amazing clients, the most amazing fathers, mothers, thought leaders. The problem is they are too busy searching for what is wrong that they miss all that is right with themselves.

I do this also. I am my worst critic.

What this video did was take something we all inherently know and show us in black and white the power of perception.

Lift the veil of self-criticism and allow your light to shine so bright that you can’t help but smile.


I appreciate you and thank you for sharing your light with me.

Now it is your turn to see it.





2 Are your stressed? (part 2)

(Did you read part 1 yet?   Click here.)

Yesterday we focused on perspective.

Today I want to really narrow our focus to importance.

Are you giving more importance to things that are not really important?

As Tony Robbins says, “Are you majoring in minor stuff?”


What are you giving importance to?

In my senior year in high school, I qualified to run in the 2 mile track and field state championships. That week leading up to it I had taken 10 final exams, each 3 hours long and worth 75% of my final grade.  When the gun went off I quickly positioned in fourth place comfortably. We ran for 1.5 miles and I felt good. But with half a mile left a line of 7 runners that were drafting behind me pulled out to my right shoulder and ran right by me. I remember watching them pass by in slow motion. I was helpless. I wanted to go but my legs were flat and had no more juice.

Remember, what you constantly think about will consume your energy.

For me it was my studies. I didn’t know it at the time that I would be affected so much but the results speak for themselves.

Many people spend their days focusing on little things, the things that are not truly that important. They become overwhelmed and fatigued because they have not filtered out what is important.

When you feel stressed, reflect what are you stressed about. Is it really that important?

Will it matter in a few months? a year? 10 years?

If it is, ask yourself the most important question you can ask…Why?

If you keep asking why you will find that the least common denominator is FEAR.

Yes fear.

Fear of rejection, fear that you won’t be loved, fear that you won’t be good enough.

Your perception is your reality even if reality is something else. Rest assured, rejection is not the end of the world, you are worthy of love, and you are good enough. Don’t judge your performance on activities as indicators of your self worth. You are not what you do. You are a miracle, a unique individual.

Understanding this is imperative to making the transition and shifting your focus to what is truly important.

Next Step

Pay attention to you language. The words you choose and the way you say things will impact your emotions and re-actions to situations.

Frame your situation/life/work/relationships in an empowering perspective.

Don’t major in the minors. Major on the majors. Take the most important things in your life and focus on this first. Then if you have time for the others you can choose to address the others.

I don’t have all the answers that are right for you, only you do. My job as a coach, a mentor is to guide you and empower you to your own path of enlightenment. If you take that journey with me I can assure you that you will come out stronger, more focused, excited about life.

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PS – What are your thoughts on this post? Did this help you? Leave a comment below.

Are you stressed? (part 1)

I constantly hear the words, “I’m so stressed.”

I want to share with you a few insights about stress and how to harness it’s power for good, for productivity, for growth.

Here is the thing. The right stress will help you grow and become a better person.

A diamond, one of the worlds hardest substances and the most precious stone, is only coal that withstood lots of heat and pressure. You are a diamond in the rough. Embrace the pressure but not just any pressure. Scattered unorganized pressure will not form a diamond. The pressure must be specific, concentrated, and organized. Focus and become the diamond you were meant to be.

“…Stress is Fun”

When I was in high school, in my Latin (yes I took Latin) we had a class motto, “Rigor is good, Stress is fun.”  Learning Latin or any language for that matter can be difficult.  Add to that all the other languages I was taking (ancient Greek, French, and German); now sprinkle in the other classes I was taking (14 total). As icing on the cake we had to take a final exam on each class worth 75% of our grade. Yes, failing the final could completely undo everything you had done throughout the year.

There were lots of stressed out students.  Going back to our class motto, “Rigor is good, stress is fun,” became a mantra to help me deal with stress. Looking back, I was being trained to deal with the most important information and situations. When I got to college I found it to be relatively easy, compared to to my classmates.

Kekich Credo #4, “Life easy when you live it the hard way… and hard if you to live it the easy way.”

I realized after going through those tough times that it comes down to your perspective.

Are you choosing to make the situations empowering or not?


Perspective is very important.

The way you view things will largely determine how they affect you. Pay attention to your language.

Finish the statement below:

–>  Life is a… (challenge) / (test) / (adventure) / (fleeting) / (pain and suffering).

Read each one of these options. How do they make you feel? How do you view life?

There many more ways to view life but if we had five people each having one of these views of life they will each experience life differently.

–   If life was a challenge you would view any obstacles as building block of growth.

–   If life was a test then you would probably experience a certain anxiety that you may fail, as if you were taking a test in school.

–   If life was is an adventure then you might look forward to each day with a childlike excitement.

–   If life was fleeting your view might be one of hopelessness.

–   Finally if life is pain and suffering well obstacles are part of it and you may not have desire to push on because that is just part of life.

I hope you see how perspective can really make a difference.

Be a realist…

This isn’t about being Mr. or Mrs. Positive all the time. This is about being a true realist. Bad things will happen, life will get tough but you always have a choice on how you will react to it. Will you arm yourself with a perspective that is empowering?

Decide on what you want press on from their.

I am constantly reading, learning, practicing on ways to become more effective and achieve the results and essentially the life I want. If you are interested in the same then I highly encourage you to check out our Team-up to Transform Challenge. It is a 42 day challenge to help you regain control of your decisions, cravings, mindset, and life (click here for more info.)



PS – Remember the diamond. Focused well organized will lead to brilliance. Be brilliant!

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2 Losing Weight is Not Easy

The other day I came across this video.

YouTube Preview Image

The greats make it look easy.

No matter what you think of Michael Jordan you must admit he is determined. If you look at the video it quickly becomes apparent that he is absolutely determined to make the ball in the basket. Where others see a defender, he found a way. You attract what you focus on.

What if you approached your ambitions, your dreams in life with the same determination?

I would venture to say that you could create a masterpiece.

Don’t misunderstand what I am saying. You must work at it and be willing to do what others won’t. Michael Jordan’s work ethic was something to be admired. He would get there before his teammates and leave after. He would shoot something like 1000 shots per day. He would eat, think and breathe basketball.


Not because he was worried that others would be better than him. No, He just wanted to be the best.

He knew that in order to remove all doubt when the game was on the line, these steps were necessary.

I often get asked by frustrated men and women that they can’t lose weight.


Before you get frustrated and think you are entitled to results because you exercise some and don’t eat McDonalds ask yourself,

“Am I working as hard as Michael Jordan?”

“Am I living and being the best I possibly can?”

If the answer is no, then perhaps it is not hard enough, it is not focused enough.

I know that may not be popular but greatness is reserved for those that earn it not for those that think they deserve it.

It’s not easy…

There are instances that don’t allow your body to release the body fat because your body is out of whack. The truth is that most people want to think that they fall into that category. Most do not. They are just not willing to be honest with themselves. I can’t do it for you or anyone. Heck I have trouble doing it for myself. Eating clean is not easy. Waking up at 4 am to get in my workouts before my clients or before my kids wake up is not easy. Running long distance is not easy. Lifting heavy weights is not easy. I will tell you this, it is always worth it.

Re-dedicate yourself today to living and being the BEST you possibly can. Have that drive, that determination that no matter what you will find the way “to the basket.” You will be the best version of yourself.

Let’s do work.



Climb Higher to Success

We had a great field trip yesterday with our members. We went rock climbing at x-treme rock climbing. I feel that rock climbing is a great metaphor for life and for reaching our goals.

What would you do if you fell off the side of a cliff?

I know that sounds pretty extreme but after our experience rock climbing it became very real. Things like this make me reflect. They make look for the practical application of this experience. I came up with these 5 principles I know can help you survives life’s cliffs and falls.



YouTube Preview Image


The 5 Principles Rock Climbing Teaches to Success:

1.   Zig-Zag To The Top:

The direct approach is not always the best. Sometimes you zig, other times you zag in rock climbing and especially when progressing your goals. I share this so you become aware of it. I know I get into a rhythm of expecting things to progress linearly. By keeping in mind that zigging and zagging is normal you won’t become frustrated and look for the turns ahead.


2.   Use Your Legs:

Your legs are your base and they give you the power to propel yourself forward. When rock climbing you will find the more you use your legs the longer you will be able to climb. Same goes for success. Be efficient with your energy and move forward one step at a time.


3.   Teamwork:

You will get further with teamwork then you will by yourself. When Climbing you have a partner that literally holds your lifeline should you fall. Establish a team of people you trust and want to see you succeed. They will give you the insight, encouragement, and demand your excellence daily.


4.   Your Gut:

Teamwork is great but sometimes you need to follow your gut. At the end of the day you must execute and make your own decisions. When you are in the trenches you will see certain things that others will not. Decide and take action.


5.   You Must Commit:

As with anything, you must commit 100% to what you want and head for it. Keep moving and correct on the way. Don’t stop until you get there.


Fear will invariably set in when you have gone higher and further than before. As humans we fear the unknown. If it doesn’t scare you, if it doesn’t make you excited, then you are probably not pushing hard enough or far enough.  Growth is achieved when you stretch yourself.

Seek to grow daily and apply these 5 principles to help you reach the top of the mountains in your life.




4 Creating Memories That Last

Yesterday, I got a surprise visit.

My childhood neighbor and friend Jason, that I hadn’t seen in almost 15 years, showed up at my parents house (it was like old times).

Jason and I had grown up together but his family moved away when I was in high school.

It was so great catching up with him. Seeing how his life has turned out and that he is still just as nice and cool as ever really made me happy. We talked about how things have changed, how things have progressed. We talked about our other neighborhood friends and what’s going on in their lives.

As a kid we would do so many fun things. But what really hit home was when he said,

“Some of my fondest memories growing up were in your house in Christmas and all the games and things we use to do.”

Wow. You never know what kind of impact you will leave on someones life. He was part of some of my best memories growing up as well.

Are you creating memories?

After he left, I started thinking about what kind of life I was creating for myself, for my kids, and for my family.

I specifically say “create” on purpose because I believe we are in control, more importantly I believe it is our responsibility to create our memories, our experiences. As kids Jason and I and the rest of the kids in the block would be playing non-stop. We played basketball, baseball, had epic kick ball games, crazy tackle football games on the street (yes you read right). We would have to drive the opponent to the grass on the side of the street and tackle there. Needles to say not everyone always made it. No there were no helmets, pads, or liability waivers signed. Just kids being kids.

Oh then there were the Nintendo matches. They were great. We would play The Legend of Zelda (gold cartridge). I can still hum that tune…

Mario Brothers was a classic, and we even had power pad competitions.  All you 1980’s kids you know what I am talking about. This was way before Wii Fit, definitely cooler (at least what I remember).

We made games up all the time. We traded baseball cards, played street hockey, street volleyball, wrestled (not on the street). The world was our playground and man did we explore it. Looking back I realize what great memories we created. Memories I can share with my kids. Memories that help shaped me as a man today.

Here is the beauty of it all.

It doesn’t have to stop as you grow up (for most people it has). On the contrary I believe you should get more creative and have more fun.

You should be focused on is creating memories you will be proud and excited to share with others.

Focus on creating unforgettable experiences.

–   Are you doing that with your kids?

–   Are you doing that with your spouse, with your loved ones, with your family, with your friends?

–   Are you making memories, not just going through each day just kind of grinding through the day?

The saddest thing I hear as a coach is…

I hear people say when asked how their day was?

“Getting by.” “Can’t complain at least I have work.” “Grinding.”

I sit back and think, what a sad response.  They’re just getting by. They’re just getting along. They’re just grinding by. Why? There is so much more to life.

I want you to be shooting for amazing. I want you to be eager to answer that question. I know that may sound like I’m living in fantasy land (da plane) but the truth is – it is a choice. I am not saying you will not have bad days or days where things just don’t go right. I am not saying that their won’t be days that you’ll just have to grind through.

What I am saying is make it a point to create experiences worth sharing, experiences that excite you. Not  just when you are going on vacation but daily. Don’t dread Monday but look forward to it. Make each day like most people feel about Friday.

I want you to look back and say, “I actually lived life. I didn’t just let life happen to me.”

Get out there and enjoy life, create memories, especially with those you love and make it a great one.

On the comments below share one childhood experience that you loved.



PS – Looking forward to reading your stories. Leave one childhood experience that you loved in the comments section below 🙂

1 Pitbull and My Birthday

Brendon Burchard says that when we are dying we ask the questions,

“Did I live? Did I love? Did I matter?”

Today is my 33rd birthday.

I am truly grateful for 33 amazing years (12,045 days) that I have been in this world. As I reflect on my life I realize that longevity is not a mark of a good life. In fact the quality is more important then the quantity. I feel fortunate that I celebrate each day. I try to live each day to the fullest by spending it with the people I love and doing the things that I am passionate about.


My legacy…

I want to leave a legacy that I am a caring, loving husband. I want my kids to know me as their hero, their teacher, their Father. I want my family to remember me for how much I love them. I want society to know me as the father, speaker, coach that helped transform people’s lives and made this world a better place. This is not a wish but something I get one step closer to daily by my actions, my habits.

The day has just begun as I write this and already I have received loving , thoughtful messages from all over the world.

“The relationships we build are one of our greatest assets in this world.”

The people in our life take our lives from alright to amazing. So who are your friends? Who are you building relationships with?


Real Friends & Pitbull make magic.

Relentless dedication to friendship is what I experienced recently on Facebook. You see I have some friends that have a friend Lani that was hospitalized over the weekend with a rare virus. Her health was severely compromised. Lani’s friends wanted to do something for her to uplift and strengthen her spirits as she battles through this tough time. They knew she has fascination with Armando Perez (aka – Pitbull). They decided it would be their mission to get him to call her personally and offer some inspiration.


#PitbullForLani Campaign is born.

None of her friends knew Pitbull personally but they decide to leverage social media to connect with him. They began the #PitbullForLani campaign. They posted pics on facebook, twitter. Not once but what seemed every minute. They had friends do the same. They traveled to Coral Park where he went to school and took pictures with signs the read #PitbullForLani.  Some of the teachers included their students with a message for Pitbull.  After a few days they had done it. In fact Pitbull called her and told her that if he ever needed to track anyone down he knew who to call. Then he made this video below. (I hope he doesn’t take it down – see it while it is still up)


YouTube Preview Image


Who are your friends?

I don’t believe he is a god or the greatest role model. I don’t agree with a lot of things he does and says. But I can tell you that his message to Lani made an impression in my life. Not only that he would call her but that he would take the time to send her this video. I respect him as a man for that. Think about how busy he is, think about when other hear about this. Is he going to do this for everyone that is sick? The truth is it doesn’t matter. He did it for Lani. He cared, he expressed it genuinely.

I was even more moved by the love shown by her friends. They decided that they would do what ever it took to make sure they could get their friend Lani to smile, to feel better, to grow stronger and fight this battle. They have raised the bar, they have set the standard for what it means to be there for your friends. Thank you all for your strength, love, and support.

Would you do this for your friends?

Would they do this for you?


How many gardeners in your life are helping you grow?

Life is like planting seeds in a garden. the more nutrition, support, sunlight you give it the stronger you grow. When you cultivate relationships and build friendships what you are doing is increasing the amount of gardeners that will help you grow into a strong, healthy, and mature plant. I hope you do the same for them. Zig Ziglar said, “You can have anything in your life, if you help enough people get what they want.”

Thank you for your support daily. Thank you for teaching me and enriching my life with your comments, texts, emails, and referrals. Thank you for letting me share my passion with you daily.

Armando Perez (aka – Pitbull) Gracias y un abrazo from a fellow 305 brother, entrepreneur, father, and man. Your generosity and character inspires. Dale!

To the crew that made this possible for Lani I want to echo the words that Armando said in his video, “I want to say to your team, family, friends you are amazing because they can move not a country, not an economy, but the whole world with they way they moved for you Lani.” Thank you again for being amazing.

Finally Lani, my prayers and love go out to you. Fight the good fight and appreciate life’s beauty in each smile, touch, taste smell, and friend. Be strong and know we are pulling for you.

If you are as moved by this story as I was please share it. Spread this example of true friendship and generosity.



PS – Thank you all for the birthday wishes xoxox. 🙂




Cicero, Demosthenes, You

What do Cicero and Demosthenes have to do with you?

Who are they?

They are both great Greek orators.

I heard something yesterday regarding these two men that I wanted to share with you.

When Cicero gave a speech people cheered and applauded. They said they felt inspired but never did anything. When Demosthenes gave a speech men marched into battle. People moved.

Now I don’t know how true this statement is but it begs the question,

Would you rather be famous or a leader?

I understand that this really doesn’t have to be an either or question but I want you to think what you place more value in.

I know I would prefer both but if I had to choose one my ego my would prefer being famous. Having everyone know my name and look to me with admiration is a great feeling. But knowing my life’s purpose and knowing what would bring lasting fulfillment I would want to be as Demosthenes, a leader, and leave a legacy.

What good is inspiration if it causes no action?

I am clear on my purpose in life and that is to affect each person I meet in such a way that their life is a little better as a result of our interaction. I know I did my job when I hear comments like, ” thank you for changing my life.”

“After our conversation I changed the way I eat.”

“My relationship with my wife is better after hearing your keys to healthy relationship.”

“I feel less stress since exercising with you.”

“The email you sent made my day.”

“My day is more productive, happier, and better as a result of the daily50 challenge.”

I have mentioned before that my father is my hero and one of the leaders I look up to.  As a kid, I viewed leaders as great people that others listened to because they wanted to be like them. As I grew older I realize that leadership has less to do with self and more to do with others.

Leaders help empower and give others resolve to act.

Not because they are great but because they allow their followers to see the greatness inside themselves.

Action is the byproduct of effective leadership.

Consistent action as a result of your story is what creates a movement.

Movements change the world.

Going back to the original question, Leader or famous?

I want to know your thoughts. Leave your answer below: Leader or famous and why.



PS – There is no right or wrong answer. Just open the dialogue within yourself to better understand your purpose and who you are now right now.