Fasting – Is it for you?


People have been fasting from the beginning of time but is it right for you?


My Beliefs

My belief is that most people can receive benefits from some type of fasting. There are so many different types of fasting and cleanses.

Different religions have been fasting for centuries to achieve a deeper connection to God and to offer a sacrifice of the material, your food and your desires in order to make you stronger. I believe this has so many great applications but that is not what I want to focus on.

What I focus on is juice fasting for several reasons.

1st –  It gives your body time to heal.

2nd – It gives your body the nutrients to heal.

3rd – It maintains your energy levels to function vibrantly. Meaning you can still do what you need to do while getting the benefits of fasting.

4th – Anyone can do this. You don’t have to belong to any religion. You just have to decide to do it, then take action. That being said, when combined with your faith, fasting can be very powerful. (That is a different post all together).

My goal for teaching about fasting is to help improve your health.

I want to share with you 5 reasons fasting can help you live a more fulfilled life.


5 Reasons for Fasting for Fulfillment


When you fast you give your body an opportunity to do some “spring cleaning”.  Because you are not really eating solid foods you allow your gut to rest from digesting solids. The benefits are that it will start removing impurities, cleaning any back up occurring, and help flush your system. When you clean out and detoxify your system your body functions more efficiently and is able to support you and keep you healthy.


Cravings run rampant. The reason is because many of our foods are processed and lacking nutrients. Cravings are your body’s way of telling you that something is missing and it is not a deficiency of more Oreo cookies. By fasting you eliminate the sugars and processed foods that cause cravings.


Your skin is your biggest organ. It also a great indicator of your internal health. When you skin breaks out, is dull, or non resilient, these are all signs that your body is not operating optimally. Fasting creates an internal environment that is clean and supports your body’s immune function to help you glow from the inside out.


Energy is a function of the food you eat and how well your body can metabolize and utilize it. Fasting allows your body to break down your food more efficiently. This allows you to get the benefit of the clean nutritious foods you will be eating.


One of life’s keys to fulfillment is to have control. Fasting creates an opportunity to take control of your health and cravings. You make conscious decisions to eat delicious health live foods, while overcoming any cravings. This control over your health will trickle over to other areas in your life.


Bigger Picture

Fasting is so beneficial on so many levels but it is only one piece of the puzzle. After you fast you need to support your body with proper foods, activities, and supplements to ensure you grow healthier and stronger. For continuous lasting health there are other steps you must have as part of your lifestyle.

That is why weight loss doesn’t excite me. It is one dimensional. As a result it ends up being a perpetuating vicious cycle disappointment for most people. Fasting allows you to kick start your body’s natural weight loss moderating system but you need more if you want to sustain it.

On our Transformation program we believe that it is imperative to have the 5 pillars in order to activate your body’s natural healing powers and supercharging your body transformation potential.

Pillar   I.   Fasting

Pillar   II.  Clean Eating

Pillar   III. Daily Exercise

Pillar   IV.  Charity & Thankfulness

Pillar   V.  Meditation & Education

We utilize these five pillars to create a life of fulfillment that you are excited about and that lasts. My suggestion is before starting any fasting program speak to a qualified coach that has a plan to help progress you to your ideal life. I also recommend if you are going to fast make sure it is a juice fast that uses real organic fruits and veggies.

There are plenty of companies that sell shakes and supplements that claim cleanse your system. The point of cleansing through fasting is to eliminate chemicals and toxins from your body not add more into it. Clean eating of organic whole foods is the way to go.

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PS – Do you have any questions or concerns about fasting? Have you tried it before?

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2 responses to “Fasting – Is it for you?”

  1. Vanessa P. Avatar
    Vanessa P.

    How long should a fasting cleanse last?

    Also, great article!

    1. admin Avatar

      Depending on your goals and your mental state the length of the fast will vary. You can start seeing benefits from just one day but I have personally seen 30 days of fasting. There is no hard rule. During the transformation we will be doing several 24 hour fasting days plus several intermittent fasting days where you fast for part of the day and eat the other part of the day.

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