April 4


Core Training – Planks Level 1a

[youtube width=”480″ height=”360″]http://youtu.be/eR9Xga5ZqVo[/youtube]


People often confuse hard workout for effective workouts. This workout, though simple, will help set the base for many of the more advance level exercises. Add this to the beginning of your routines to wake up and activate the proper stability muscles.



1)   Front Plank Hold (15s)

2)   Side Plank Hold (15s each side)

3)   Rear Plank Hold (15s)


How To Progress:

Start with the recommended 15 seconds for each exercises. Once you have mastered each exercises move up and extra 5 seconds. When you can get to 60 seconds for each with proper form then move to level 2. Enjoy.






core exercises, hip/core stability, home workout, planks, travel workout

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