June 10


Viktor Frankl – Expect More from Others

This weekend I had the privilege of speaking at a seminar on fatherhood. It was a great seminar that helped the 50 fathers that attended, myself included. I picked up lots of great things that will enhance my relationship with my kids.

Each man was there for different reasons yet they all wanted something similar. To be better…

To be better…

Not better than the man next to them but better than himself. It was to be better for their children and for some better than their dad’s did for them.

This reminds me of this powerful quote by Goethe.

“If you take man as he is, we make him worse. But if we take a man as he should be, then we make him capable of becoming what he can be.”

This statement by Goethe was really eye opening to me. And as a father I think is imperative to help give your children that vision of what is possible, of what could be.

In fact the famed Viktor Frankl goes into more in detail in the video below.

*Side Note: He reminds me of a crazy professor, yet has the warmth conjured by a grandfather. Listen to this great presentation.


Watch this brilliant video by neurologist and psychiatrist Viktor Frankl.




How do you think you can relate this in your life?




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A Real Friend
  • powerful concept. i wonder where we’d be if we all adopted this way of thinking/acting. thank you for sharing!

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