Leg Blaster Core Workout

[youtube width=”480″ height=”320″]http://youtu.be/CVipnZflrwA[/youtube]


*NOTE: If you don’t have sliders you can use PAPER PLATES.

(You can get the sliders at Bed, Bath, & Beyond -> click here)


If you are looking for a fun, effective leg and core workout that can be done anywhere look no further. This Slider Seduction workout will trim, tone, and tighten your lower body and core. Before I go on I just want to mention that even though we are performing all the exercises with the sliders, this entire workout can be performed without sliders (except the leg curls).

Let’s dive in…


1.   slider fwd/bwd lunge

2.   slider mountain climbers

3.   slider side squats

4.   slider leg curls

5.   slider push-ups reach outs

6.   slider plank jacks


Workout Levels:

Level 1:  4 sets of 7 reps each

Level 2:  4 sets of 14 reps each

Level 3:  4 sets of 21 reps each


*IMPORTANT:  Start at level 1 and see how your body responds. After having done the workout several weeks at level 1 then progress to level 2. There is a concept that is called M.E.D. or Minimum Effective Dose. Meaning do the least amount of work to achieve the result. The reason for this is you don’t get any extra benefit from going harder than you need to. By doing so you predispose yourself to injury and will have to work harder just to maintain the same level.


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